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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Aries New Moon, April 7th

With the Sun and Moon conjunct at 18 degrees Aries we have a lively New Moon on April 7th that will encourage all kinds of forward moving impulses and desires. 

Winter's inward focus helped us know ourselves more deeply. There's been time to absorb our private moments of truth, to come to terms with our strengths and weaknesses. 

But now we will be wanting to make some moves, take our desires seriously with intention to act according to our values, to walk our talk. If you've been thinking about it and wondering if you could or you should and what effect that might have on them, well, this is the time to give yourself the "go ahead."

 We can use this New Moon as a motor helping us to go where our inspirations and feelings can take us. We have the wind at our backs now. We feel brave. What do you really, really want to make happen?

The ruler of Aries is Mars, the planet that represents the masculine, the direct, the impulsive reach for a need or a desire. You could say this makes for the energy that produces outcome. Here is a place and a time to get things started. The Sun went into Aries on the 20th of March, marking the beginning of Spring. It will still be in Aries until April 19th. So if you have already been feeling this urge forward that helps explain it.  

Venus is also in Aries for now and that can make us more demonstrative around loved ones, more proactive, perhaps protective, or maybe more flirty or playful.

I'm taking a two week vacation from my home here in New Hampshire. I've been saying that I'm not finding myself loving it here. The winters are hard, even when it's mild like this year. So this spring I'm going to break out and visit some places in Arizona and New Mexico where I feel I'd rather be living. So it's a kind of working vacation since there's a mission in mind while I enjoy my return to the West,where it seems I have left my heart.

I'm mentioning these plans so everyone who would like to meet up can speak up. When it comes to friends I'm mostly thinking of Taos, of course. But I'm going to try to open my heart to other possible places to live, such as Sedona, AZ, and even Santa Fe.

I'll be bringing a Section 8 Transportable Voucher with hopes of finding a home that will accept it.

I leave this Monday, the 4th, and will start my journey in Sedona. Will be showing up in Taos around the 9th or 10th and have a flight home on the 19th.

And yes, I planned this trip to happen in the Aries Sun time period. All good wishes are welcome.

Kate (208-309-3083)

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