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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Life should smooth out now that the Sun is in Taurus. This sign is ruled by Venus, for one thing. Her feminine and aesthetic energy slows us down and takes us on a tour of our our home environments, our sense of safety and security and the pleasure we feel (or not?) when we are "at home."

I'll talk about Taurus from different angles and share a look at the chart for this New Moon so that you can more easily envision it when you pause to reflect on your intentions for this upcoming May New Moon. Aligning your intentions with this dominant energy should make them more powerful.

This collage image I chose for this month is named the "Creative One." She is part of the four Astroid Goddesses, each an archetype of the feminine. She speaks for Pallas Athene, daughter of the father God, Zeus. She represents the independent, creative type of woman.

One of the things that comes with Taurus is the Fixed Mode (others: Cardinal and Mutable). By definition this suggests determination, stubbornness and the ability to manifest things by using will power combined with desire. Getting things done Taurus style may look slow but can be more mindful and enjoyable.

Then there's the Earth element that comes with Taurus. This brings to the table the world of nature and natural beauty. When we think of the Earth element we think of solid, grounded things and energies, the opposite of Air. Thus Earth brings us to the body and its sensory side. This opens the discussion to all the ways we involve our bodies in our drive to feel good. Eating, for instance is a grounding thing but also an area where some of us get carried away. Just exposing ourselves to nature with a walk or a hike or a visit to the garden can be balancing and calming.

Our relationship to money is a Taurus topic and not to be overlooked on this New Moon. Taurus likes to feel secure and wants to feel pleased with her situation in life. A Taurus type person will spend hours making the home and yard both beautiful and functional and they can even enjoy themselves while they're at it. They are "earthy" types and get a lot of pleasure from an environment that involves a good degree of connection with nature.

A metaphor for this time is the rooting stage of a new plant. The seeds were planted last month when the Sun was in Aires, begging and pushing for the start of new life. Now the seed has broken it's shell and is beginning to sprout roots which are slowly, in darkness, seeking the depth that will offer them a reliant access to moisture, critical to their ongoing survival and ability to flourish. Not a showy process, but rather quiet, practical and slow. This is Taurus.

A few observation of the New Moon chart: Mercury is retrograde until May 22,  Saturn is also retrograde so it's sitting at 15 degrees Sagittarius, same as last month. There's a Fire Triangle in the chart that connects the New Moon to Jupiter and Pluto by way of trines. This seems very positive so I would shoot for the moon when it comes to making intentions on the 6th.

I want to make a quick report on my trip to the West that I mentioned last month. It all went well and I enjoyed my reunion with friends and with Taos itself while there. I spent the most time in Taos, but I devoted one day studying the housing situation in Santa Fe. I've put myself on several waiting lists for Section 8 housing, one in Santa Fe and several in Taos.

I also spent a couple of days in Sedona but didn't respond well to all the hubbub I felt there. The weather was indeed warm, which I enjoyed.

 The trip helped me gain perspective about how much I enjoy living near my daughter and Charlotte (turns 5 in July). There is some talk about all of us moving to Florida and that would be interesting to check out. I have a sister rooted there who I am close to so that and the weather adds to the appeal if my daughter follows up on her inspiration.

These thoughts and options are taking me to big limbo feeling of late. I will be as curious as anyone as to the outcome of all this fuss about moving this year. Wish me good fortune.

Big love,


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