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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Pisces New Moon Blog - Tuesday, March 8

This Pisces New Moon sets off a series of astrological events that will take us through March. And it leads the parade with punch because it also is timed to include a Solar Eclipse. I'm not sure where that can be seen. You'll have to look it up. But from an astrology viewpoint eclipses are big events. If you haven't thought much about it I'll mention that New Moons and Eclipses go together because they both mark an exact meeting of the Sun and the Moon. Not every New Moon is also an eclipse of course.

But eclipses can make sure some big change will occur. The energy is a lot like the planet, Uranus. There will be a wake-up call, a surprise, a shake-up. The energy is demanding change by way of a step up to some higher level. This might be experienced as new insight, a new big picture,  or a higher vibrational field. It may seem like things are moving "fast forward". And when it comes to change under this influence there will be no going back.

What I try to do with this monthly blog is help others to visualize the energy field of the place where the New Moon falls (in this case: 18 degrees Pisces. According to my belief each New Moon offers a period of several days where setting intentions for ourselves will be the most fruitful. This happens once each month. It is considered THE dark time and overall there is less energy available so it's a good time to make time to consciously slow down and reflect on how our lives are going for us. If something is troubling us or not working out as planned we can use the practice of setting intentions to steer ourselves into a more positive direction. 

So now lets look at the energy of Pisces and see how its ruler, Neptune, can inform or expand our vision of reality. Neptune rules the unconscious mind, the inner self, the higher self. It's highly sensitive to environment and other people's energy. Pisces people are the psychic sponge type. Neptune rules any attempt to avoid every day consensus reality, like addictions large and small, including, of course, substance abuse. People highly influenced by Neptune have trouble getting excited about the material world. They are more attracted to music, art, poetry, mysticism, devotion and spiritual wisdom. 

Pisces is a water sign, like Cancer and Scorpio. In astrology water means emotions and usually the ability to feel those of others as well as our own. This can expand into compassion and empathy, our potential to feel the truth that we are "all one." Did I forget magic, intuition, love of natural beauty?

One way we can get the most from this information about Pisces is to note where 18 degrees Pisces falls on your natal chart. In my case it falls in my 1st House. Since I'm a Pisces Sun person this is going to light up that Pisces Sun and its powerful placement just below the Ascendent. When a person's natal Sun lands in the 1st House there is an added influence of Mars, a masculine energy. So there is always a contradiction in me, from "see me" to don't see me." I do have a direct style of speaking and going after what I want. These are not typical Pisces traits. I'm sure I have others as confused as I am most of the time. Honestly there's no knowing how this Eclipse/New Moon opportunity will affect me. I'm just going to tell the Universe what I desire and trust I can sustain my personal belief that I deserve it.

Looking at my wall calendar I've marked March 20 for the Spring Equinox, when the Sun goes into Aries. This marks the beginning of the yearly cycle of 12 planets of which Aries is #1, kind of a reset button. From the viewpoint of astrology this is THE"new year." This is also a good time to visualize this new beginning and set intentions since Aries really knows best how to get things going in a new direction. Then on the 27th comes Easter, always on a Sunday. It's a sweet holiday if you have youngsters to decorate eggs with. My granddaughter, Charlotte, is 4 years old and will be the perfect age for all that comes with that tradition. 

While we take time sorting out our new intentions it might be a good idea to remember our guides and/or angels. They work 24/7 to support us and they've got to appreciate a "thank you."
I see this New Moon having wings to move us further/higher along toward a trust in life, an embrace of its mystery.

Until next time,


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