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Thursday, July 28, 2016

New Moon in Leo on August 2

And now for the celebration of August, a time of summer's peak warmth and the harvest of many of our favorite delicious foods, the sweet and juicy tomatoes, peaches, melons, corn on the cob. It becomes a traditional time for feasting together, playing together and sharing in the outdoors.

It's now that the Sun, ruler of Leo, steps in and takes center stage (from July 22nd until August 22nd. Think of the Sun's energy as everything that's right in our world, He/she's self-assured, generous, 
playful, outgoing and not afraid of being expressive, and they do love being in love.

We can't all be born under the sign of the Sun but it's lucky to have one as a family member or best friend. They are very loyal once they have made a commitment. They like to focus on the bright side of life whenever possible,  but can sink into deep emotional drama when things don't play out their way.

We can only imagine that in ancient times the Sun was IT when it came to a God-like symbol, something to look up to, to see as the ultimate giver of life as humans experienced it then. I think each of us can translate that impressive and essential energy to our own beliefs and experiences of what I'll call the Divine. 

What I'm seeing for a description of this Leo New Moon's energy is a way to integrate the Divine/God aspect of life with ourselves as physical humans and as we find identity in ego personality. How do we trust and remember we are all of that and always that. 

The way I experience this interconnectedness, self with the Divine, is through trust that I am always guided.I feel it as a "gut feeling."I'm sure everyone has their own way of connecting. I suppose I feel depressed or frightened when I can't seem to find that guidance. I's then I feel I'm alone.

This willingness to trust the Divine in ourselves stands out as the most positive gift from Leo energy now. If we see where and when we don't then we might discover who/what it is we are trusting. And how far away from our own deep heart and soul are these "who/whats"? 

Are we letting our egos have too much control? or are we giving too much concern to what people think of us? Do we compare ourselves to others? are we judging ourselves without loving compassion? There are so many ways we can fail to trust our oneness with the Divine, our own pure goodness, our authentic selves.

Let this beautiful New Moon in August spread love, joy and trust in life and in ourselves

Yes, I'm settling in here in Florida, learning how to navigate around in my car. Am missing my family still in NH packing and preparing to join me here in the Sunshine State mid August. There's not a box anywhere to be found in my apartment and I'm proud of that.

with Love,


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Life should smooth out now that the Sun is in Taurus. This sign is ruled by Venus, for one thing. Her feminine and aesthetic energy slows us down and takes us on a tour of our our home environments, our sense of safety and security and the pleasure we feel (or not?) when we are "at home."

I'll talk about Taurus from different angles and share a look at the chart for this New Moon so that you can more easily envision it when you pause to reflect on your intentions for this upcoming May New Moon. Aligning your intentions with this dominant energy should make them more powerful.

This collage image I chose for this month is named the "Creative One." She is part of the four Astroid Goddesses, each an archetype of the feminine. She speaks for Pallas Athene, daughter of the father God, Zeus. She represents the independent, creative type of woman.

One of the things that comes with Taurus is the Fixed Mode (others: Cardinal and Mutable). By definition this suggests determination, stubbornness and the ability to manifest things by using will power combined with desire. Getting things done Taurus style may look slow but can be more mindful and enjoyable.

Then there's the Earth element that comes with Taurus. This brings to the table the world of nature and natural beauty. When we think of the Earth element we think of solid, grounded things and energies, the opposite of Air. Thus Earth brings us to the body and its sensory side. This opens the discussion to all the ways we involve our bodies in our drive to feel good. Eating, for instance is a grounding thing but also an area where some of us get carried away. Just exposing ourselves to nature with a walk or a hike or a visit to the garden can be balancing and calming.

Our relationship to money is a Taurus topic and not to be overlooked on this New Moon. Taurus likes to feel secure and wants to feel pleased with her situation in life. A Taurus type person will spend hours making the home and yard both beautiful and functional and they can even enjoy themselves while they're at it. They are "earthy" types and get a lot of pleasure from an environment that involves a good degree of connection with nature.

A metaphor for this time is the rooting stage of a new plant. The seeds were planted last month when the Sun was in Aires, begging and pushing for the start of new life. Now the seed has broken it's shell and is beginning to sprout roots which are slowly, in darkness, seeking the depth that will offer them a reliant access to moisture, critical to their ongoing survival and ability to flourish. Not a showy process, but rather quiet, practical and slow. This is Taurus.

A few observation of the New Moon chart: Mercury is retrograde until May 22,  Saturn is also retrograde so it's sitting at 15 degrees Sagittarius, same as last month. There's a Fire Triangle in the chart that connects the New Moon to Jupiter and Pluto by way of trines. This seems very positive so I would shoot for the moon when it comes to making intentions on the 6th.

I want to make a quick report on my trip to the West that I mentioned last month. It all went well and I enjoyed my reunion with friends and with Taos itself while there. I spent the most time in Taos, but I devoted one day studying the housing situation in Santa Fe. I've put myself on several waiting lists for Section 8 housing, one in Santa Fe and several in Taos.

I also spent a couple of days in Sedona but didn't respond well to all the hubbub I felt there. The weather was indeed warm, which I enjoyed.

 The trip helped me gain perspective about how much I enjoy living near my daughter and Charlotte (turns 5 in July). There is some talk about all of us moving to Florida and that would be interesting to check out. I have a sister rooted there who I am close to so that and the weather adds to the appeal if my daughter follows up on her inspiration.

These thoughts and options are taking me to big limbo feeling of late. I will be as curious as anyone as to the outcome of all this fuss about moving this year. Wish me good fortune.

Big love,


Saturday, April 2, 2016

Aries New Moon, April 7th

With the Sun and Moon conjunct at 18 degrees Aries we have a lively New Moon on April 7th that will encourage all kinds of forward moving impulses and desires. 

Winter's inward focus helped us know ourselves more deeply. There's been time to absorb our private moments of truth, to come to terms with our strengths and weaknesses. 

But now we will be wanting to make some moves, take our desires seriously with intention to act according to our values, to walk our talk. If you've been thinking about it and wondering if you could or you should and what effect that might have on them, well, this is the time to give yourself the "go ahead."

 We can use this New Moon as a motor helping us to go where our inspirations and feelings can take us. We have the wind at our backs now. We feel brave. What do you really, really want to make happen?

The ruler of Aries is Mars, the planet that represents the masculine, the direct, the impulsive reach for a need or a desire. You could say this makes for the energy that produces outcome. Here is a place and a time to get things started. The Sun went into Aries on the 20th of March, marking the beginning of Spring. It will still be in Aries until April 19th. So if you have already been feeling this urge forward that helps explain it.  

Venus is also in Aries for now and that can make us more demonstrative around loved ones, more proactive, perhaps protective, or maybe more flirty or playful.

I'm taking a two week vacation from my home here in New Hampshire. I've been saying that I'm not finding myself loving it here. The winters are hard, even when it's mild like this year. So this spring I'm going to break out and visit some places in Arizona and New Mexico where I feel I'd rather be living. So it's a kind of working vacation since there's a mission in mind while I enjoy my return to the West,where it seems I have left my heart.

I'm mentioning these plans so everyone who would like to meet up can speak up. When it comes to friends I'm mostly thinking of Taos, of course. But I'm going to try to open my heart to other possible places to live, such as Sedona, AZ, and even Santa Fe.

I'll be bringing a Section 8 Transportable Voucher with hopes of finding a home that will accept it.

I leave this Monday, the 4th, and will start my journey in Sedona. Will be showing up in Taos around the 9th or 10th and have a flight home on the 19th.

And yes, I planned this trip to happen in the Aries Sun time period. All good wishes are welcome.

Kate (208-309-3083)

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Pisces New Moon Blog - Tuesday, March 8

This Pisces New Moon sets off a series of astrological events that will take us through March. And it leads the parade with punch because it also is timed to include a Solar Eclipse. I'm not sure where that can be seen. You'll have to look it up. But from an astrology viewpoint eclipses are big events. If you haven't thought much about it I'll mention that New Moons and Eclipses go together because they both mark an exact meeting of the Sun and the Moon. Not every New Moon is also an eclipse of course.

But eclipses can make sure some big change will occur. The energy is a lot like the planet, Uranus. There will be a wake-up call, a surprise, a shake-up. The energy is demanding change by way of a step up to some higher level. This might be experienced as new insight, a new big picture,  or a higher vibrational field. It may seem like things are moving "fast forward". And when it comes to change under this influence there will be no going back.

What I try to do with this monthly blog is help others to visualize the energy field of the place where the New Moon falls (in this case: 18 degrees Pisces. According to my belief each New Moon offers a period of several days where setting intentions for ourselves will be the most fruitful. This happens once each month. It is considered THE dark time and overall there is less energy available so it's a good time to make time to consciously slow down and reflect on how our lives are going for us. If something is troubling us or not working out as planned we can use the practice of setting intentions to steer ourselves into a more positive direction. 

So now lets look at the energy of Pisces and see how its ruler, Neptune, can inform or expand our vision of reality. Neptune rules the unconscious mind, the inner self, the higher self. It's highly sensitive to environment and other people's energy. Pisces people are the psychic sponge type. Neptune rules any attempt to avoid every day consensus reality, like addictions large and small, including, of course, substance abuse. People highly influenced by Neptune have trouble getting excited about the material world. They are more attracted to music, art, poetry, mysticism, devotion and spiritual wisdom. 

Pisces is a water sign, like Cancer and Scorpio. In astrology water means emotions and usually the ability to feel those of others as well as our own. This can expand into compassion and empathy, our potential to feel the truth that we are "all one." Did I forget magic, intuition, love of natural beauty?

One way we can get the most from this information about Pisces is to note where 18 degrees Pisces falls on your natal chart. In my case it falls in my 1st House. Since I'm a Pisces Sun person this is going to light up that Pisces Sun and its powerful placement just below the Ascendent. When a person's natal Sun lands in the 1st House there is an added influence of Mars, a masculine energy. So there is always a contradiction in me, from "see me" to don't see me." I do have a direct style of speaking and going after what I want. These are not typical Pisces traits. I'm sure I have others as confused as I am most of the time. Honestly there's no knowing how this Eclipse/New Moon opportunity will affect me. I'm just going to tell the Universe what I desire and trust I can sustain my personal belief that I deserve it.

Looking at my wall calendar I've marked March 20 for the Spring Equinox, when the Sun goes into Aries. This marks the beginning of the yearly cycle of 12 planets of which Aries is #1, kind of a reset button. From the viewpoint of astrology this is THE"new year." This is also a good time to visualize this new beginning and set intentions since Aries really knows best how to get things going in a new direction. Then on the 27th comes Easter, always on a Sunday. It's a sweet holiday if you have youngsters to decorate eggs with. My granddaughter, Charlotte, is 4 years old and will be the perfect age for all that comes with that tradition. 

While we take time sorting out our new intentions it might be a good idea to remember our guides and/or angels. They work 24/7 to support us and they've got to appreciate a "thank you."
I see this New Moon having wings to move us further/higher along toward a trust in life, an embrace of its mystery.

Until next time,


Friday, February 5, 2016

New Moon in Aquarius - February 8

First, please accept  my apology for the absence of a New Moon blog last month. There's no dramatic story to justify the lapse, I just forgot. 

For this New Moon in Aquarius we'll take a look at the energies of the sign and see how they can lead us to creating our strongest intentions. Let's start with a look into the history and properties of the planet that rules Aquarius, Uranus.

In Greek mythology Saturn robbed his father, Uranus, of the domination of the world. Uranus was then given the rulership of the heavens. In many traditional American Indian beliefs the Sun is seen as a hole in the sky behind which is the real Sun. They were talking about Uranus. Thus there is no planet more powerful than Uranus (even the Sun). One thing we know about the effects of Uranus on our chart, and in Uranian transits, is that you can expect the unexpected. Uranus never leaves you where it found you. It never takes anything from you without giving you something better in its place. It frees you from the ruts in order to bring new growth, expansion and new experiences. 

Where we know Saturn to be the lawmaker, Uranus is the lawbreaker, in the sense of not conforming merely because he is expected to do so. If you have a strong presence of Aquarius in your chart you will be an individualist, one who trusts their inner authority, not that of the outer world of appearance. You will value spirit over form. 

I've often mentioned how Saturn's cycle around the zodiac is something to watch. It usually takes about 2 1/2 years to move through one of our chart's houses. It's always good to know which house is being affected because you may be experiencing challenges in the realm of that particular House.  Right now Saturn is at 14 degrees Sagittarius. 

You can also track the movement of Uranus through your Houses and expect the unexpected in whatever is the realm of the affected House.

Using my chart as an example, At 14 degrees Aries I now have Saturn moving into my 10th House which rules career, one's place and individual purpose in society. I may be called to work with more determination and structure in my dual careers as an artist and an astrologer. On the other hand if I have worked well and with correct intention for some time I may begin to feel respect and interest in my work and a fresh sense of achievement.

So when we talk about the Age of Aquarius what it brings to light is Uranus' power to make change. Uranus has been in the sign Aries since 2011 and that marked the beginning of an energetic shift. Things were stepped up. Today Uranus is located at 17 degrees Aries and it is square Pluto (itself a very powerful energy), a square I've talked about for some time now. A lot of disrupting and disturbing things have happened on our planet so far in this New Age. Sometimes you can only hope people learn from mistakes? On the other hand I do see positive insights and changes. I was born with my Moon exactly conjunct Uranus so I have always felt it was "meant-to-be" that I was born in these times.

People similar to me, with a strong Uranian influence are generally strong-willed individuals who feel they are receiving guidance from a higher realm of intelligence. They are more interested in the present and future than the past. They tend to be philosophical about life's ups and down and look for company with others who are like them or appreciate them. They are not particularly sentimental or romantic and value their independence.

Looking at the art I picked for this blog I see a woman of strength and purpose sitting alone with a star over her head. The star symbolizes her self esteem and  her trust in life's inherent goodness. 

So with all this talk of Uranus I hope you can be inspired to bring  up some of your topics those that are related to your own issues and use the timing of this month's New Moon to strengthen your resolve to welcome the power of change and growth into your agenda.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

New Moon in Sagittarius - December 11

Just in time for the Christmas tree decorating, the holiday songs and the Santa Claus sitings we have a New Moon in the sign, Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter. Of all the planets, Jupiter is the most optimistic, jolly fun loving and good-will wishing.

People with a strong influence of Jupiter, those with planets in Sagittarius, especially the most personal and powerful, the Sun, the Moon, the Rising Sign, will have a fiery, active nature with an lean to a positive, philosophical point of view. They are not the most reliable of signs. Often their intentions or aspirations are bigger than their results. So while the energy of this New Moon will inspire us to think on the bright side and enjoy the fun and beauty of this holiday time, its not clear  you will benefit in a purely practical way. But if you're often negative and grumpy you could try some positive affirmations and they would have extra power now. So it's a good time to uplift yourself if you're so inclined.

Looking at the chart for the exact time of the New Moon (5:29 AM EST) I notice  a square aspect between the New Moon (Sun and Moon conjunct at 19 degrees) and the planet Jupiter itself. So while we will appreciate the positive side of Jupiter's energy, this aspect suggests there could be some unwelcome tendencies to consider. Imagine taking our happy, generous Santa Claus and dial him a bit upside down. but not all the way. You'd get something like a tendency to exaggerate in speech, to overdo self-indulgence, or perhaps just lose track of the self discipline you've been successfully practicing.

The art I chose for this blog is a collage, one of the cards in my Soul Speak Oracle Deck, called "Castle in the Sand." It's such a pretty image and yet you know that later on the ocean is going to take it away, back to just an ordinary place on the beach, The mantra of Sagittarius is "life is good." and so this is a time to stop and see yourself and your life's environment from that angle. If you're having problems with that then this could be just your cup of tea. I think at this stage in the promised Age of Aquarius we have consensus in the idea that life will reflect our beliefs about ourselves and life in general. Think positive, etc. This is an opportunity to embrace this way of seeing things or step it up if get it but you're lagging. You are what you eat, etc.

The planet, Venus, is in the sign, Scorpio, these days. Scorpio can be sensual and longs for intimacy so it may help dial up the heat in those kinds of places.

Uranus and Pluto are still sailing along in their intense square aspect of several years, poking us from time to time to think revolutionary thoughts, to feel passion about changing the world, or the part of it close to home. Here's an example: I have an opportunity to join protesters against Donald Trump (here in town in person) and his recent words about keeping Muslims out of the US. Well, it is New Hampshire, the land of up-close looks at presidential candidates. This is a situation not of my dreams, but if I do find the fire to go I'll attribute it to the Uranus/Pluto square.

Both my parents had Sagittarius Suns. Looking back I can see their interest in keeping things entertaining in our family life. we had a lot of family fun at a park that was next to a  lake miles outside of town. Later on my dad got interested in sail boats and that involved the whole family. So Sagittarius is tops when it comes to sports and outdoor activities.

Another side of Sagittarius is something called the" Higher Mind." By "higher" it contrasts with "Lower Mind", it's opposite, ruled by Mercury, which covers the every-day world of the mind. The Higher Mind then takes care of specialized uses of the mind that rely on higher education, the PHD folks. It also relates to travel to foreign countries and the realm of philosophy and religion or spirituality in general.

May your holiday season be happy,


Monday, November 9, 2015

Kate's New Moon Blog - November 11 - Scorpio

Ahh, now we are starting to feel the loss of daylight hours, the passage of pumpkin time, the planning for our annual family gathering on Thanksgiving day. And all this sets the stage for our November New Moon this Wednesday. And there's the added twist of the 11/11/ date to add a sense of importance. I have no deep insights about what it means other than it is designed to get our attention, a cosmic wake up call of sorts.

Every New Moon is also a "dark moon" because the Sun and Moon's joining up blocks any appearance of the Moon's light at night. This translates as a good time to slow down and take time to look inward. And beyond this there is a special opening available then that supports new insights and desire for self-reflection and growth. It's also understood that intentions and desires are more likely to be fulfilled when identified at this time. Some people mark this day with ritual naming of their intentions.

My job is to remind you each month of this cyclical opportunity for introspection and growth. Two things contribute to my process. I create a chart for the exact time of the New Moon and look for interestingness there and I pause and ponder the energies of the sign of the zodiac that's involved. In this case it's our mysterious friend, Scorpio.

For the art this month I've chosen a collage that is part of my Soul Speak Oracle Cards. It was created specifically to mirror Scorpio energy. The art mirrors how that Scorpio brings up the unconscious, the sexual, the deep truths we seek in studying the occult and experiencing spiritual realms.

Scorpio is a fixed mode water sign. All four of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) have strong will power, the ability to manifest their desires,and a charismatic strength. Of the four Scorpio is notably associated with the unconscious aspect of ourselves. This realm can bring into play some of the less controllable energies in humans, such as sensuality, power seeking, self-indulgence. After all Scorpio rules birth, sex, death and the esoteric realms and is associated with psychology, the dark side of our personality, and is noted for it secrecy.

It's said that only old souls incarnate with Scorpio Suns. They have been around the past-life block many a time. Their soul's goal is high, often they are aware that they seek the higher realms of consciousness, perhaps enlightenment. But there can be many distractions for them because of the many opportunities to wander astray. While they seem attracted to the idea of intimacy with another they also like to be in control of as many things as possible. People can react in different ways to this steamy secretive type. A lot of people dismiss them as too scary and manipulative, while others are attracted to their calm, cool confidence and feel safe sharing their secrets with them. As confidants nothing seems to faze them, they naturally can read others well and deeply.

The word that comes up as a goal for Scorpio is transformation. And so we can picture that at heart the mature Scorpio path is one of change and growth. If something or someone they meet along the way does not contribute to this upward path they or it may be discarded. They allow themselves this right to evaluate and choose or reject as needed.

I hope I've painted a picture of Scorpio that sparks your sense of the possibilities this energy could relate to your own situation and desire for transformation. Certainly any addiction issues belong in this list, also the need to be in control in relationships is a thorny place to feel stuck. The desire nature is featured here. It's said desire arises from the deepest core place and should not be dismissed, but rather acknowledgment can lead to self truth and send us off in a truer direction.

I'm seeing this New Moon as an opening for life altering development. Maybe even a reboot for our spiritual and emotional selves. For myself I hope to better trust and connect to my deepest self, my soul, my guides and angels, my oneness with all-that-is, my Goddess self. I also plan to send out the message that I feel the deep love and support coming every day from my family and close friends. I've noticed it's easier for me to send love than to acknowledge it coming to me.

Sow your seeds of intention deep now and allow for the darkening energy of the season. It is part of the cycle, this slower, more introspective time as we move forward. There is time for many things we don't notice in the energetic pace of long spring and summer days. Embrace this Fruitful Darkness.

My thanks for your interest in my gift, this ode to Astrology, which continues to be my friend and helper.