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Friday, February 5, 2016

New Moon in Aquarius - February 8

First, please accept  my apology for the absence of a New Moon blog last month. There's no dramatic story to justify the lapse, I just forgot. 

For this New Moon in Aquarius we'll take a look at the energies of the sign and see how they can lead us to creating our strongest intentions. Let's start with a look into the history and properties of the planet that rules Aquarius, Uranus.

In Greek mythology Saturn robbed his father, Uranus, of the domination of the world. Uranus was then given the rulership of the heavens. In many traditional American Indian beliefs the Sun is seen as a hole in the sky behind which is the real Sun. They were talking about Uranus. Thus there is no planet more powerful than Uranus (even the Sun). One thing we know about the effects of Uranus on our chart, and in Uranian transits, is that you can expect the unexpected. Uranus never leaves you where it found you. It never takes anything from you without giving you something better in its place. It frees you from the ruts in order to bring new growth, expansion and new experiences. 

Where we know Saturn to be the lawmaker, Uranus is the lawbreaker, in the sense of not conforming merely because he is expected to do so. If you have a strong presence of Aquarius in your chart you will be an individualist, one who trusts their inner authority, not that of the outer world of appearance. You will value spirit over form. 

I've often mentioned how Saturn's cycle around the zodiac is something to watch. It usually takes about 2 1/2 years to move through one of our chart's houses. It's always good to know which house is being affected because you may be experiencing challenges in the realm of that particular House.  Right now Saturn is at 14 degrees Sagittarius. 

You can also track the movement of Uranus through your Houses and expect the unexpected in whatever is the realm of the affected House.

Using my chart as an example, At 14 degrees Aries I now have Saturn moving into my 10th House which rules career, one's place and individual purpose in society. I may be called to work with more determination and structure in my dual careers as an artist and an astrologer. On the other hand if I have worked well and with correct intention for some time I may begin to feel respect and interest in my work and a fresh sense of achievement.

So when we talk about the Age of Aquarius what it brings to light is Uranus' power to make change. Uranus has been in the sign Aries since 2011 and that marked the beginning of an energetic shift. Things were stepped up. Today Uranus is located at 17 degrees Aries and it is square Pluto (itself a very powerful energy), a square I've talked about for some time now. A lot of disrupting and disturbing things have happened on our planet so far in this New Age. Sometimes you can only hope people learn from mistakes? On the other hand I do see positive insights and changes. I was born with my Moon exactly conjunct Uranus so I have always felt it was "meant-to-be" that I was born in these times.

People similar to me, with a strong Uranian influence are generally strong-willed individuals who feel they are receiving guidance from a higher realm of intelligence. They are more interested in the present and future than the past. They tend to be philosophical about life's ups and down and look for company with others who are like them or appreciate them. They are not particularly sentimental or romantic and value their independence.

Looking at the art I picked for this blog I see a woman of strength and purpose sitting alone with a star over her head. The star symbolizes her self esteem and  her trust in life's inherent goodness. 

So with all this talk of Uranus I hope you can be inspired to bring  up some of your topics those that are related to your own issues and use the timing of this month's New Moon to strengthen your resolve to welcome the power of change and growth into your agenda.

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