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Thursday, December 10, 2015

New Moon in Sagittarius - December 11

Just in time for the Christmas tree decorating, the holiday songs and the Santa Claus sitings we have a New Moon in the sign, Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter. Of all the planets, Jupiter is the most optimistic, jolly fun loving and good-will wishing.

People with a strong influence of Jupiter, those with planets in Sagittarius, especially the most personal and powerful, the Sun, the Moon, the Rising Sign, will have a fiery, active nature with an lean to a positive, philosophical point of view. They are not the most reliable of signs. Often their intentions or aspirations are bigger than their results. So while the energy of this New Moon will inspire us to think on the bright side and enjoy the fun and beauty of this holiday time, its not clear  you will benefit in a purely practical way. But if you're often negative and grumpy you could try some positive affirmations and they would have extra power now. So it's a good time to uplift yourself if you're so inclined.

Looking at the chart for the exact time of the New Moon (5:29 AM EST) I notice  a square aspect between the New Moon (Sun and Moon conjunct at 19 degrees) and the planet Jupiter itself. So while we will appreciate the positive side of Jupiter's energy, this aspect suggests there could be some unwelcome tendencies to consider. Imagine taking our happy, generous Santa Claus and dial him a bit upside down. but not all the way. You'd get something like a tendency to exaggerate in speech, to overdo self-indulgence, or perhaps just lose track of the self discipline you've been successfully practicing.

The art I chose for this blog is a collage, one of the cards in my Soul Speak Oracle Deck, called "Castle in the Sand." It's such a pretty image and yet you know that later on the ocean is going to take it away, back to just an ordinary place on the beach, The mantra of Sagittarius is "life is good." and so this is a time to stop and see yourself and your life's environment from that angle. If you're having problems with that then this could be just your cup of tea. I think at this stage in the promised Age of Aquarius we have consensus in the idea that life will reflect our beliefs about ourselves and life in general. Think positive, etc. This is an opportunity to embrace this way of seeing things or step it up if get it but you're lagging. You are what you eat, etc.

The planet, Venus, is in the sign, Scorpio, these days. Scorpio can be sensual and longs for intimacy so it may help dial up the heat in those kinds of places.

Uranus and Pluto are still sailing along in their intense square aspect of several years, poking us from time to time to think revolutionary thoughts, to feel passion about changing the world, or the part of it close to home. Here's an example: I have an opportunity to join protesters against Donald Trump (here in town in person) and his recent words about keeping Muslims out of the US. Well, it is New Hampshire, the land of up-close looks at presidential candidates. This is a situation not of my dreams, but if I do find the fire to go I'll attribute it to the Uranus/Pluto square.

Both my parents had Sagittarius Suns. Looking back I can see their interest in keeping things entertaining in our family life. we had a lot of family fun at a park that was next to a  lake miles outside of town. Later on my dad got interested in sail boats and that involved the whole family. So Sagittarius is tops when it comes to sports and outdoor activities.

Another side of Sagittarius is something called the" Higher Mind." By "higher" it contrasts with "Lower Mind", it's opposite, ruled by Mercury, which covers the every-day world of the mind. The Higher Mind then takes care of specialized uses of the mind that rely on higher education, the PHD folks. It also relates to travel to foreign countries and the realm of philosophy and religion or spirituality in general.

May your holiday season be happy,


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