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Monday, November 9, 2015

Kate's New Moon Blog - November 11 - Scorpio

Ahh, now we are starting to feel the loss of daylight hours, the passage of pumpkin time, the planning for our annual family gathering on Thanksgiving day. And all this sets the stage for our November New Moon this Wednesday. And there's the added twist of the 11/11/ date to add a sense of importance. I have no deep insights about what it means other than it is designed to get our attention, a cosmic wake up call of sorts.

Every New Moon is also a "dark moon" because the Sun and Moon's joining up blocks any appearance of the Moon's light at night. This translates as a good time to slow down and take time to look inward. And beyond this there is a special opening available then that supports new insights and desire for self-reflection and growth. It's also understood that intentions and desires are more likely to be fulfilled when identified at this time. Some people mark this day with ritual naming of their intentions.

My job is to remind you each month of this cyclical opportunity for introspection and growth. Two things contribute to my process. I create a chart for the exact time of the New Moon and look for interestingness there and I pause and ponder the energies of the sign of the zodiac that's involved. In this case it's our mysterious friend, Scorpio.

For the art this month I've chosen a collage that is part of my Soul Speak Oracle Cards. It was created specifically to mirror Scorpio energy. The art mirrors how that Scorpio brings up the unconscious, the sexual, the deep truths we seek in studying the occult and experiencing spiritual realms.

Scorpio is a fixed mode water sign. All four of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) have strong will power, the ability to manifest their desires,and a charismatic strength. Of the four Scorpio is notably associated with the unconscious aspect of ourselves. This realm can bring into play some of the less controllable energies in humans, such as sensuality, power seeking, self-indulgence. After all Scorpio rules birth, sex, death and the esoteric realms and is associated with psychology, the dark side of our personality, and is noted for it secrecy.

It's said that only old souls incarnate with Scorpio Suns. They have been around the past-life block many a time. Their soul's goal is high, often they are aware that they seek the higher realms of consciousness, perhaps enlightenment. But there can be many distractions for them because of the many opportunities to wander astray. While they seem attracted to the idea of intimacy with another they also like to be in control of as many things as possible. People can react in different ways to this steamy secretive type. A lot of people dismiss them as too scary and manipulative, while others are attracted to their calm, cool confidence and feel safe sharing their secrets with them. As confidants nothing seems to faze them, they naturally can read others well and deeply.

The word that comes up as a goal for Scorpio is transformation. And so we can picture that at heart the mature Scorpio path is one of change and growth. If something or someone they meet along the way does not contribute to this upward path they or it may be discarded. They allow themselves this right to evaluate and choose or reject as needed.

I hope I've painted a picture of Scorpio that sparks your sense of the possibilities this energy could relate to your own situation and desire for transformation. Certainly any addiction issues belong in this list, also the need to be in control in relationships is a thorny place to feel stuck. The desire nature is featured here. It's said desire arises from the deepest core place and should not be dismissed, but rather acknowledgment can lead to self truth and send us off in a truer direction.

I'm seeing this New Moon as an opening for life altering development. Maybe even a reboot for our spiritual and emotional selves. For myself I hope to better trust and connect to my deepest self, my soul, my guides and angels, my oneness with all-that-is, my Goddess self. I also plan to send out the message that I feel the deep love and support coming every day from my family and close friends. I've noticed it's easier for me to send love than to acknowledge it coming to me.

Sow your seeds of intention deep now and allow for the darkening energy of the season. It is part of the cycle, this slower, more introspective time as we move forward. There is time for many things we don't notice in the energetic pace of long spring and summer days. Embrace this Fruitful Darkness.

My thanks for your interest in my gift, this ode to Astrology, which continues to be my friend and helper.


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