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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Kate's New Moon Blog - Libra 10/12

The planet Venus rules this upcoming New Moon, Her main focus is love and harmony in relationships. So for the art this month I chose this collage image I call "The Lovers." , it glorifies the idea of two people joined by their love in an iconic frame. There is duality introduced by my choice to display a lower layer to the art's story, a darker, root-level view. The snake has its mouth around the base of the carved wooden heart, connecting the top and the bottom, thus accentuating the duality of the blissful versus challenging sides of a love relationship.

The conjunction of the Sun and Moon falls at 19 degrees in the sign Libra at 8:05 PM in EDT. Mercury retrograde ended on the 9th of this month. For some this will be welcome news. Venus is also now direct after a 4 month period of retrograde. I would say we might still be processing the flow of deep insights and growth spurts connected to last month's 3 eclipses and the annual Fall Equinox.

Now Venus would have us focusing on finding our balance. And only we can know where we are needing more of that. In some cases this will be an inside job, an acceptance of the basic duality in all relationships, the self and the other. The art of reconciling these two forces can be a lifelong challenge, and yet we all feel the longing for connection, for love, be it knowing we are loved and the thrill of falling in love, just plain desire for harmony, appreciation of beauty, or a big knowing we are All One.

Where do we start? Do we know ourselves, know what we know really, our truths? Can we speak our truth when it's important to be heard? Or do we betray ourselves by putting "playing nice" or "getting along" too high a priority? This can often be a Libra person's dilemma. Do you have the Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Libra? or several planets in the 7th House, ruled by Libra. Could likely be something to look at.

Some of us are very uncomfortable with any kind of confrontation. When you feel like expressing your feelings or point of view but you don't speak up ,what goes on inside? Guess we know that those impulses don't just disappear, but live somewhere, likely inside us (the gut) and we have all read that repressed emotions will show up as stress, which we know makes us unhealthy by lowering the vitality of our immune system. Can I find new, better, more sensitive, ways to express myself? Can I find more compassion and understanding in my heart and start from there in my various types of relationships. Can I send love, as in a prayer, to a boss or family member, someone important but is difficult for me to accept/like?

Looking at the chart for this New Moon I notice that the Uranus/Pluto square that I often mention is still hanging on and interestingly our New Moon at 19 degrees slips into a pattern with it, a square to Pluto and an opposition to Uranus. Together the three form an aspect pattern called a T-Square. This might show up as an urge or a possibility to explore going deeper by way of Pluto and making some unexpected decisions or changes by way of Uranus. So don't be surprised if you're feeling antsy to get down to some newly realized truths about yourself or your life situation and make some moves or at least accept and love yourself just the way you are, while weaving in some new challenging Pluto type (unconscious) insights. Are we ready now to take a peek at our own role in relationship stress?

I always like to recommend we take out our natal charts and see which house is honored to receive the position of the New Moon. This time in my case it falls into my 8th House, pretty much a full Libra "house" with Libra on the cusp as well. When I think of the 8th I think of my longings, especially those that feel unfulfilled, and I see thoughts of my mortality as well as my lifelong attraction to metaphysics and the esoteric. So these are going to be areas of interest for me when I go about setting intentions, along with Libra issues, of course.

In the end it seems like this New Moon challenges us to find self love, to delve ever deeper into that quest. Love streaming from that brand of love is the best. So ultimately we will want to master the art of true peace and love, as in "be the love/peace you seek.

Until next time...(Scorpio!)

I wish you Inner Peace

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