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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Kate's New Moon Blog--Sept 13, Virgo

Here we are deep in the energy field of Virgo's yearly time to shine. Our New Moon comes on the 13th, next Sunday, and that will be special because its also a Solar Eclipse. This monthly joining of the Sun and the Moon (and eclipse) will take place at 20 degrees Virgo.

I mention the degree of Virgo in case you'd like to check your natal chart and discover which House this falls in. I did this and found it to be the 7th House, related to intimate peer relationships like close friends or marriage partners. I also have a North Node in this house which makes it a focal arena for growing and learning from these kinds of relationships. 

Every time there's an eclipse there is a kind of marker, or line in the sand, that supports endings and new beginnings. Of course sometimes these "endings" can be painful losses or difficult, but wise, choices. This can also be a time when you're more aware of flaws in the way your life is going. You're more likely to feel the need to end a pattern or a stuck situation. The effects of eclipses can be dramatic and last for several months.

You might consider a fire ritual that involves creating words on small pieces of paper that represent things that you need to, and feel ready to, let go of, like situations, personal habits, relationships, negative attitudes or long-held fears or resentments, for examples. Once you have your words you'll want to burn them.

The sign, Virgo, has a reputation for being the least exciting of all the12. It's ruled by the planet Mercury and is an Earth sign. This combination of focus on the mind and the practicality of the Earth element can paint a picture of someone sitting at a computer efficiently solving other people's problems. Virgo brings with it the skills others often lack, the ability to focus, a natural affinity for all things smart and an ability to know what will work, or not. They seem to see things from a critical point of view, which is great at work but can be tough on co-workers and loved ones. 

So to be positive, there is never a better time for tidying up your loose ends and making a donation of things you aren't using to charity. It's a good time to declutter and tackle some paperwork you're avoiding. Also you may find yourself inspired to make things in your house or office work better, more flowing. Perhaps this is the time you've been waiting for to change or create a daily routine that will help make you a happier and/or healthier person. 

The art for this New Moon is a collage that became one of my Soul Speak Oracle Cards. At the time I named it "Receiving Grace." It was created in response to a sudden insight about the need to receive being as important as the need to give. Today I'm using this symbol of the feminine to represent the Asteroid, Vesta.

In the journey of my life focused on astrology I long ago found an inspiring book called Asteroid Goddesses (Demetra George). The author presented a Mandala of 4 feminine archetypes and explored their attributes. Each of the four are associated with astrological signs and one happens to be related to Virgo. The four are: the Wife, the Mother, the Creative One and the Virgin. Of course Virgo connects to Virgin and the asteroid is named "Vesta."

I quote: "Vesta is the means by which the sexual, creative, instinctive energy of Leo makes the transition to a spiritual dedication to transform and regenerate the self so that it may become a channel of service and healing. Vesta energy seeks personal integration and wholeness. These are well-known characteristics of the sign Virgo." 

The sexuality of a Vesta type woman is not virginal but rather free to choose from a place of her wholeness, her self-fulfilled completeness. Their involvement with other people cannot be 24/7. They need times of retreat to purify, replenish and reintegrate themselves. I include these deeper insights into the sign Virgo to widen your picture of its potential expression. As I write this I'm reminded of my 7th House being stimulated and affected by this New Moon and Eclipse. Being reminded of this Vesta /Virgo energy will be helpful. Hope it resonates for some of you reading this.

Before we know it the Sun will be moving into Libra and we'll be dancing to a different kind of tune. 
I noticed myself yesterday reorganizing my paperwork on a level that seems off the charts. It feels like I cleaned the house, and in some sense I guess I cleaned the "house of the mind" I even moved a shelf and filled it up with relevant papers. I guess I'm operating on the Virgo energy flow and its helping. 

Best wishes for your Virgo journey,


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