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Friday, May 15, 2015

Kate's New Moon Blog--Sunday May 17

Welcome to this month's New Moon blog. I have to start out by saying I hope you enjoy this small painting that was created and quickly purchased in the early days of my fine art career back around 2004 or so. The image of the woman with the roosters came from a post card originating somewhere in eastern Europe. I found it while looking for collage materials. I just loved it. It may have been me in some previous life?

Anyway the topic is lovely Taurus, and in my mind it fit the mood for the New Moon, located at the 26th degree of the sign.

As usual, my task is to remind us that we are looking at a couple of days here to slow down and  feel the context of our situation, to notice what could be changed or improved. The dark moon sets up a power boost for setting intentions, and it's best if they resonate with the chart of this New Moon.

The Sun will continue to be in Taurus until May 21, a week from now. Taurus is a beautiful energy ruled by the planet Venus who loves all things harmonious and beautiful. It's an Earth sign, and  when combined with Venus we find sensuality here. Taurus energy loves serenity, security, peace and comfort. It belongs to the Fixed Mode so does carry the usual stubbornness of that Mode. Taurus enjoys the familiar, so may have a habit of resisting change.

There are some other important energies at work in the chart of this New Moon to factor in. The planet Saturn is opposing the conjunction of the Sun and Moon so this will add a tone of seriousness to the way we are seeing things. Saturn can get critical and judging so be forewarned. A big issue for Saturn is personal boundaries. It's also is concerned with security, control issues (like order, structure,  schedules and reputation. So don't be surprised if these issues are up for you now, the lack of them or their over-abundance in your life.

And on the next day, Monday, the 18th, Mercury goes retrograde. Think of this as an opportunity to review your life, yourself, your current goals and reframe the picture. Here's a change to take a deeper look and visualize progressing with a greater understanding of your circumstances and your attitudes. This period lasts 3 weeks. Some astrologers will advise not to make any major purchases or sign any binding agreements during this time. I'll just say something like "don't be hasty" and expect some misunderstandings and forgetting.

Another factor on this chart is Venus in Cancer. This is a very comforting and supportive energy so it will help offset some of the Saturn effect I mentioned earlier. There is room for some real mutual understanding and stability in relationships. Venus is at 10 degrees Cancer so will be around for a time. I'm not sure how long. Let's take advantage!

It's a beautiful time in nature's yearly cycle so the honoring of this powerful weekend should be supported by our natural mood of goodwill and optimism. My natal Sun is exactly 26 degrees of Taurus so I am a person who should really take full advantage of the power of intentions offered now.

I hope each of you can use this energy for your own self-understanding and achievement of desires and goals.

Until next month,


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