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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Kate's New Moon Blog - April 18, 2015

Well, we're a month into the Spring season, and most of that with the Sun in Aries livening the pace of things. This April's New Moon arrives on Saturday, the 18th, and takes its place in the zodiac wheel at 28 degrees Aries.

Starting today, and lasting for several days around the New Moon, there's a great opportunity to slow down and be consciously open to the energies of the cosmos. It's a chance to step aside from life's faster pace and pressures and be receptive to deeper perceptions about ourselves and life's larger picture.

The gift of each New Moon is that any intentions we make for ourselves have more power then, especially if we align with the mood of the current New Moon's energies. At this time that would be Aries, ruled by the planet Mars, the zodiac's symbol of the masculine. Aries is hot like fire, is quick and perceptive in the moment, knows what the plan is and can't wait to execute it. Authentic and spontaneous are traits of Aries energy that often make it attractive and exciting. An Aries type likes to be in the lead and can inspire others to take action by their fearless confidence.

For those of us who don't have a free-wheeling Aries energy showing up in our natal chart we can only imagine and try to get along (allow) with those who do. Hopefully some of their courage and ability to "keep their eye on the prize" can rub off on us now. The idea of being/feeling stuck comes to mind as the opposite of this energy. So now be a great time to take advantage of the invitation to recognize and improve that in ourselves.  And what if you feel you're constantly being "run over" by a busy Aries train (person)? This could be a time to renew personal boundaries?

Pluto is turning retrograde now and this important time (which will last until December) will offer us all a chance to go deeper and find more willingness to explore personal truths and see ourselves from a more soul-centered perspective.  While in this period Uranus will surge ahead of Pluto and break off from the revolutionary Pluto/Uranus square that I like to talk about. That intensity will resume in late 2015 /early 2016.

Mercury, the planet of the mind, has a lot of interesting and stimulating energy going on now and has moved from Aries to the more pragmatic sign, Taurus. Soon the Sun will also move into Taurus. That should slow down the pace a bit overall and encourage some wide and useful thinking.

If you notice things getting a bit scratchy in your Venus type relationships (intimate partners) it's good to know that Venus and Saturn are opposed at this time. As usual Saturn is poking around this area, testing for weakness. This could be the right time to speak up and clarify some issue with your partner, your authentic version of the truth. It's a time when you're the least "starry eyed." Saturn has a tendency to bring us back to our need for personal truth and boundaries if those have been sliding.

You may have noticed that the art I chose for this blog does not fit the usual pattern of a relevant card from my  Soul Speak Oracle deck. I'm adjusting to a recent upgrade in my photo program. As I was looking through what's there I came across this small painting. The title is "Dancing Earth Yantra." Seems to go with the season.

Up here in New Hampshire we are giddy with joy to see the snow melt before our eyes. My granddaughter can play in her favorite parks again and I have my eye on the local tennis courts. Sigh of relief.

Love to you,


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