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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Aquarius New Moon - January 20, 2015

Welcome to our first New Moon of 2015, a new round of the 12 signs of the zodiac and a fresh opportunity to consider our alignment to their qualities and gifts. Each New Moon (roughly once a month) offers us a time to slow down, to use the dark moon time to connect with deeper, more inward levels of our own wisdom and self-knowing.

Now is a special time to be insightful and honest with ourselves. It's the most auspicious time of the month's cycle to set intentions for what we want to improve or open ourselves to. And the power of change and growth is strongest when we align our focus to the attributes and qualities of this New Moon's sign, Aquarius.

For starters I'll quote the "Speak" of Aquarius from the booklet that comes with my Soul Speak Oracle Cards. "I speak for the ability to think and act for oneself while at the same time concerned for the interests of humanity. I have the potential to see ahead with clarity and often am a catalyst for change. "
The affirmation: I'm not afraid to trust the insights and inspirations I receive. I am my own future's leader."

Aquarius is an Air sign so a lot of focus goes into the mental realm. Because Aquarius is interested in the wellbeing of all humanity and life on planet Earth there seems to be an open channel between the Head Chakra of a strongly Aquarian individual and the Universal Mind. Such individuals seem to be always a step ahead of their time in their thinking. They know but they don't know how they know.

In this particular New Moon the planets Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus are together in Aquarius. This combination mixes the Venus desire for harmony with the strong mental focus of Mercury painting a picture of a more healthy and peaceful world for mankind and a nurturing environment for all planetary life.

It seems this New Moon is a perfect opportunity to ask ourselves how much we're willing to slow down and "walk our talk" when it comes to the kind of everyday decisions that ultimately bring about the changes we visualize. A lot of what comes to mind for me right now is what I do not want to support. And to not choose something often means less convenience and a departure from the patterns of the past.

Within Aquarius energy there is enthusiasm for information, for the latest news about discoveries and inventions that can become game-changers in society. There's also an attraction to talking and sharing thoughts and opinions. Are we afraid to let others know what we really feel or know is the truth? Are we willing to seek and see the true story behind many practices that are hurting our food supply and our environment?

On January 21 Mercury goes retrograde, thus supporting a slower, more inward pace for the mind. This can be a blessing, as it aligns well with the winter season, when life in general responds to less sunlight by turning inward. This is a time of year I call the "fruitful darkness." Am I taking time to read and study while time permits?

In March we will see the end of the Pluto/Uranus opposition that has been going (off and on) for 4 years. This marked a game-changing time similar to the Pluto/Uranus conjunction that made the 60's such a revolutionary time. Looking back it seems that those in power have been exposed if not stopped from their attempt to grab all the planetary resources they can with no respect for the continuity of life on planet Earth. There has been a kind of slow "waking up" to the truth of our situation. It's a necessary beginning to the needed changes and the reckoning ahead. Our best contribution can, perhaps, be our belief in our gut perceptions and a deep knowing that we are not alone in our challenges. However we each visualize that special caring assistance, it's never been more important to trust it and invite it in. This is the gift of Aquarius.

May we all find the truth of who we are and the love and peace that always dwells within us.

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