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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New Moon in Scorpio--Thursday, Oct. 23, 2014

This month's New Moon marks the beginning of this year's Sun in Scorpio period. Like every month, this New Moon phase lasts for several days. It's energy in the monthly cycle is slower and more conducive to introspection which can inform positive change. It just so happens that this New Moon's chart also shows we are close to the end of the current Mercury retrograde period that will end this Saturday, the 25th. Add to that we will have a partial Solar eclipse shortly after the New Moon at 5:32 PM EDT.

As you may recall I talked about the Lunar eclipse in Libra in last month's blog. This combination of the two eclipses is strong, meaning that it offers us a unique opportunity to touch our deep truths and align ourselves with our highest self. The effects of our intentions are amplified now and the changes and insights will stay with us a long time.

I chose the Death/Rebirth card for this New Moon from my Soul Speak Oracle Cards. It says: I speak for the spiritual concept of "impermanence" which can help us release the old that no longer serves us. I speak for the freedom to move forward and expand into a fresh "beginner" view of life. Its Affirmation: I now release all old patterns and stories that no longer serve me.

The energy of Scorpio is powerful. This sign, ruled by Pluto, has a calling to look at life and other people with X-ray insight. The ultimate goal of this fixed mode energy is to find ways to transform individuals and their environment, better to fulfill their Soul's maximum potential in this present incarnation. Scorpio looks for authenticity and tends to keep good boundaries with others. It's feeling nature is strong so requires healthy expression. People with obvious Pluto influences in their chart (like Sun or Moon conjunct Pluto or in the sign Scorpio) tend to be secretive and reserved but others are naturally drawn to their quiet power.

So when we take time to look within ourselves for places wanting more clarity and authenticity this is the perfect opportunity. Scorpio will willingly help and encourage us and the Mercury retrograde time has prepared us to be more self-aware (less Left Brain). There is also courage and stubborn determination that comes with this current energy, so a perfect time to make a resolution you plan to keep. Every eclipse is an opportunity to let go of something no longer useful and start fresh.

It could be useful to look up the house that Mercury has been hanging out in during the retrograde that started on the 10th of October. Now it's 17 degrees Libra. That should be a good place to look. During any retrograde we perceive more from the Right Brain. This makes us extra sensitive, in a psychic kind of way. The House shows us where we've been exploring our personal underworld zone, the place where you question things. There really should be some helpful insights when you consider the House involved.

It's always good to take a look at the place on your chart where the New Moon falls. That would be 0 degrees Scorpio. This chart location can also offer hints about where your focus might best be at this time, what unhelpful patterns and attitudes are ripe for a drop off the tree.

As I write this the day is coming to a close, it's dark, windy, wet and cool outside. The beautiful fall leaves are falling off the trees at a fever pace. We are moving quickly into a new seasonal reality. How perfect for this New Moon's cry out for brave movement toward our highest and most worthy heart desires. Is this what I REALLY want?

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