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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Kate's New Moon Blog--Libra Moon

On the 24th we will be seeing the first New Moon of the Fall season. The Equinox took place on the 21st, so this is a powerful time of change and adjustment for us all. The Sun and Moon are conjunct at 1 degree Libra, the sign we associate with love, marriage, harmony and the planet Venus. Libra is also one of the four Cardinal signs, all of them eager to take action on their ideas and desires.

The Soul Speak Oracle Card for this New Moon (Juno, the Wife) reflects both the exalted state of marriage, the commitment it makes to love, despite a difficult journey, and the darker depths of the challenges it presents. Difficulty can be turned into spiritual and emotional transformation. The skin-shedding snake is always a metaphysical symbol of human ability to change, to grow.

So we will consider our close relationships with loved ones and dearest friends, as well as partners when we look at the energies of Libra taking her place of influence now. This New Moon offers an opportunity, a powerful opening for positive change, a marker in time. These slower few days in the monthly Moon cycle allow us to look inward and set our intentions for new ways to direct our lives in a positive way.

With Libra's dominance there will be a good flow of energy inspiring us to visualize our living spaces  reflecting order, beauty and maximum functionality. This would be a great time for some cleaning up and clearing out. If there are people in our lives who make us feel LESS than ourselves it might be time to break away from them or find the courage to have a heart-to-heart conversation about how the two of you can move forward better as a love-inspired team.

And taking advantage of the action-oriented energy of Libra's Cardinal mode, it might work to consciously try giving to others what you'd like to receive. I recently checked out a book, Non-Violent Communication, that could be recommended if you feel you might be using words in an ineffective way.

The planet Mars is in the sign Sagittarius now and until the end of October. This fire sign ruled by Jupiter always carries positive energy to power our journey. It's upbeat and motivated by inspiration. And parallel to that is a trine in place from Jupiter to the surprising and powerful planet Uranus. This is a great time to listen to your inner voice, your guides, your angels, your current dreams and trust them enough to frame intention to make some positive moves.

After 5 months of retrograde motion the planet Pluto is going direct. For those of us sensitive to Pluto's energy, our inner depths have been explored and now begins a time for Pluto's revelations to manifest as healing and transformation in the emotional life. We are closer to the truth and hidden influence of our deeper emotional lives now and in a better position to act and make decisions with this new level of self knowledge.

May we all "Walk in Beauty."


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