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Friday, August 22, 2014

Kate's Astrology Blog - Virgo New Moon

This next New Moon on Monday, the 25th is in the sign Virgo. The Sun enters Virgo Saturday, the 23rd and will color our lives with her Mercury driven mental energy for a month. Yes, the party that was Leo's last-of-summer energy has come to an end. The exact degree of this conjunction of the Sun and Moon is 2 degrees and 19 minutes Virgo. I always recommend checking to see where this falls in the circle of your natal chart. 

I'll use my chart as an example. All of Virgo's degrees fall in my 7th House, the House of marriage and partnership with peers. The New Moon opposes my Sun in Pisces in the 1st House. These two houses are  opposite, likewise Pisces and Virgo. The 1st House is the realm of the individual self and the 7th, the realm of connection to the not-self. Virgo is an Earth sign ruled by the ever smart and practical Virgo who is happy being of service to others, while Pisces is a Water sign ruled by the artistic and dreamy planet, Neptune, often floating in her own bubble of reality.

So for me this is a reminder of the paradox I often experience between my need to tend to myself and to  connect with others. Seems I can never get it just right, I'm always attracted to one or the other at any given time. This New Moon then is shining a flashlight on this dilemma. If there's anything there I need to address this is an opportune time. 

A quick review of all things Virgo then: this energy is mind oriented in the sense of rational, orderly, analytical, critical, perfectionist, able to use the mind in a focused way. Virgo is an earth sign so there is a coloring of attention to the side of the practical, the material world. Along with these traits Virgo has an attraction to being helpful to others, especially when it comes to health and wellbeing, which they value.

The hand in the collage above speaks to this gesture of reaching out, advising, informing others. The owl symbolizes intelligence combined with wisdom, an ultimate virtue for Virgo.

On the chart for this New Moon the planet Neptune (ruler of Pisces) is opposing the Sun/Moon in Virgo conjunction. I interpret this as a challenge, a pointer, showing the possibility of integrating the qualities of Virgo with their opposites found in Pisces. One thing that immediately comes to mind when I think of Pisces, Neptune, and the 12th House they rule is the concept that we are all ONE. That would make all the differences and distinctions that the mind is so busy noticing far from that truth. But that Virgo mind view is considered normal in our world and is considered valuable and helpful in many situations. If the two sides of the coin can be balanced the result could look like the owl's wisdom. Something to consider.

It came to my attention that the planet Jupiter is now in Leo and will remain there for roughly a year. Wherever Jupiter turns up as a transit in our natal charts there we will experience expansion and an increase of optimism and confidence. So if we check our charts and notice which house is containing Leo energy it's nice to know where we'll be finding some smooth sailing this next 12 months. 

At the least lets use this New Moon to get our health, our home, our paperwork, our basic life support in order. Let's get things cleaned up and in good order while we have the wind at our back.



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