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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Kate's Blog--Leo New Moon--July 26

New Moon times, like this weekend, are always an opportunity to slow down and smell the roses. With this New Moon in the sign, Leo, that should be a very pleasant experience. The sign is associated with the Sun, whose energy is everything positive from an Earth perspective. It lights up our world and makes plant growth possible just for starters. This will be our last weekend in July, a good time to plan an outing or a picnic with family and friends, something with a focus on relaxing and having fun, enjoying the seasonal warmth and abundance of nature's vegetables, fruits and flowers.

The exact time of the New Moon (Sun/Moon conjunction at 3 degrees Leo) is 6:43 EDT, a Saturday evening. Mark your calendars. Also it's always good to see where 3 degrees Leo falls by House in your natal chart. This could offer clues as to the realm of experience that can be positively affected by this timing. I happen to have Pluto at 4 degrees (thus conjunct) in my 6th House (health, work, service). Perhaps it's time for me to renew my dedication to this important part of my life which involves both study and practice of diet and health, as well as the important connection between thriving and a positive, compassionate attitude toward self and others. My passion for astrology feeds this latter focus. 

This New Moon is conjunct Jupiter, also in Leo. This brings in the urge to grow, to improve oneself or ones environment. Jupiter is always an expansive energy so whatever is up for us now when it comes to goals or desires should be given a bump of positive encouragement. 

The planet Mars is kicking up some potential trouble in the chart of this New Moon with its square to the Moon, Sun and Jupiter. Mars was in a square to Jupiter back in April when the Cardinal Grand Cross was exact and Mars was square the Moon two weeks ago during the Full Moon. So this impulsive energy is familiar to us and could arouse some issues felt at those previous times. This said, we'll be on the alert for tendencies (ours and others) to such things as overstating our situation or making promises we can't keep, just to impress in the moment. It's time to reign the Mars in a bit and be realistic about our own abilities and consider how our actions might affect others. 

In a perfect world Leo is a leader when it comes to self-esteem, generosity, creating and self-expression   and the ability to enjoy life. If we feel we are lagging in any of these positive qualities, now would be a good time to use the New Moon's magic to set intentions toward improving them. 

Let's not be afraid to be ourselves, to be "all that we can be." If you notice that someone consistently makes you feel smaller or unsupported in who you are it's good to acknowledge your feelings, at least to yourself. Ultimately we need to get our deep self confidence from within, not from others. Their attitude toward us can be coming from unconscious impressions or projections. Leo energy can help us be accepting and have compassion with who we are. So let's love ourselves and follow our passions, the things that make us feel charged up and happy, with or without our friends or family members.

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