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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New Moon June 27 in Cancer

Here in late June we have our New Moon in Cancer on Friday the 27th (4:08 AM EDT). What a great time to slow things down and get in touch with the Divine Feminine, the yin side of the male/female duality.

Cancer speaks of the mother energy in our experience, the nurturing, psychic, emotional, sensitive, family-loyal aspects of ourselves. As I think we all know there is emotional vulnerability in this realm. Good to remember it's possible to consciously mold within ourselves a tolerance for the natural fears that can arise around this topic.

Under the influence of this New Moon we can encourage ourselves to transcend our fears, many coming from the ego, relating to power struggles. With this intention we can join with others who visualize a world with a balance between the masculine and feminine, a larger inclusive oneness that encourages respect and an openness to change in the way men and women relate moving forward.

This art is one of the cards in my Soul Speak Oracle Cards, #8 - Cancer, the Nurturer. The figure is Mayahuel, a Mayan Mother Goddess. Note the Moon in the night sky and the corn, both symbols of the Divine Feminine.

Now is a good time to check in with yourself on the topic of caring for your own needs. Have you nurtured your own "inner mother" and listen to her counsel? You might think of her as a guardian angel looking after you? Either way, you sense that you are not alone and have learned that self-care is part of maturity. Consider your home and evaluate it in terms of your own nurturance. This is the place we need to work for ourselves most importantly. Especially if you are a wife/mother in your home you need to be highly conscious of creating places for "me-time/me-space." Around this time you may want to organize a family gathering that lets everyone know they are seen and loved. A summer picnic? A trip to the beach or the lake?

We are past the important seasonal marker, the Summer Solstice, honoring the longest day of the year. That was on the 21st. It also marked the first day the Sun was in the sign, Cancer. Our New Moon Sun/Moon conjunction is at 5 degrees Cancer. It's always good to know which house that degree of Cancer falls into on your own natal chart.

In my own case this is the 5th House which rules, among other things, offspring. So I will remember to include my relationship with my daughter and granddaughters in my New Moon intentions. This is a connection that is very prominent in my life these days, since I moved from New Mexico to be able to live near them a year ago. In any case the New Moon by house will draw attention to the affairs of that house, so it's worth a look.

Mercury is retrograde until July 1st. This offers a time to re-organize and reflect on our lives, to try a different way of seeing things.

While Pluto is retrograde from last April until September the 23rd we have a period of energy available for personal transformation. There is a tight trine between the New Moon conjunction and the planet Neptune which should liven up our intuitions in the days ahead. Hopefully our egos can take a back seat and allow for fresh inspiration?

We are starting to believe in summer here in New Hampshire finally…hope it's glorious where you are!

Love, Kate

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