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Sunday, May 25, 2014

New Moon in Gemini--Wednesday, April 28

The Gemini energy of this New Moon will lighten up the mood of this next Moon cycle. We can breathe a sigh of relief after the intensity of the Cardinal Grand Cross which for now has fallen out of aspect.

The exact time of this New Moon is Wednesday at 2:40 PM EDT. Just a couple of days ago Mars, which has been in retrograde motion for a couple of months, turned direct. Mars in Libra was one of the pillars of the Cardinal Grand Cross but it was in this retrograde motion at the time the pattern was exact. The Cardinal Mode is all about taking action and thinking forward. My sense was that this Grand Cross would create a high degree of tension in all our lives, a level that would cry out within us to make positive changes (on the energy of the Cardinal Mode) that normally might be more difficult. However with Mars in retrograde there could have been a slower pace in this process than we expected?

It was only a couple of days ago that Mars went direct so I'm suggesting we all visualize an energy from this that will open up our ability to move forward in a way that will benefit from its recent caution and carefulness. By that I mean the retrograde tested us to consider our ideas for change, to give them more time to ripen. But now that period is at an end and we should be feeling the green light ahead starting now. I think it's possible some of us will feel that this energy we're feeling now seems more like what we expected when Mars went into Aries back in the Spring Equinox or at the height of the Cardinal Grand Cross.

I'm using a raven portrait, art from one of the Soul Speak Oracle Cards ( #7 Gemini--Curiosity) for this Gemini New Moon blog. It speaks to the intelligent but playful mental energy that abounds in Gemini. Birds were an ancient symbol for messengers between the gods and man. People with a strong Gemini influence are friendly, observant, flexible and smart. They can enjoy just sitting on a park bench and watching life go by and they are full of interesting and practical information.

In the chart for the exact time of the Gemini New Moon there is a close trine aspect to Mars. This positive aspect conjoins the attributes of a mental and flexible Gemini, ruled by Mercury, with the active and direct energy of Mars in the air sign Libra (ruled by Venus). While feeling a new spunk and courage for action with Mars going direct we should also be able to see mental heaviness lighten up allowing us to enjoy life's little treasures and the new joys of the season as we slide towards the Summer Solstice June 21st.

Let's focus our intentions on our ability to notice what life is bringing us each day, the opportunities, the hints at what we are attracting and align ourselves with what shows up when that feels appropriate. I know I've heard many times that we see what we expect to see and that life will tend to match our expectations or beliefs. That allows a lot of room for opportunities that get missed as we hurry along seeking to achieve personal goals. Something to consider. This Moon cycle seems to be about taking more time for pleasure, for the little things that arouse our interest or curiosity.

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