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Monday, April 28, 2014

New Moon in Taurus - April 28/29 2014

Today is the New Moon in Taurus and the first Solar Eclipse of the year. After all the intensity of the exact Cardinal Grand Cross last week (April 23/24) this focus on Taurus energy should come as a kind of respite. The exact conjunction of the Sun and Moon occurs at 8 degrees in the feminine fixed earth sign Taurus.

Its exact time of day is 2:15 AM on the 24th if you're in the EDT time zone, but 3 hours earlier on the west coast which puts the date there the 23rd. So it's going to happen around midnight, along with the eclipse. Not sure where you have to live to see that. In a solar eclipse the moon's shadow covers the sun. This time there will be a "ring of fire" visible. 

These are the facts. The importance of pausing to note this special day is its place in the spiral of energy each month as the Moon passes through its phases. The New Moon is both the end and the beginning of each months energy. It's a quiet, thoughtful time, an invitation to slow down and examine where we are and set intentions for this next month's cycle. 

With the powerful energy of Taurus to inspire and guide our way today this should be a fruitful time. And keep in mind that the solar eclipse itself adds emphasis on the day. Eclipses help us all to start fresh, to let go of the past. In the case of a solar eclipse the power of the Moon is emphasized since it's shadowing the Sun, not the other way around (lunar eclipse). This offers a dominance of the feminine powers of the Moon and agrees with feminine energy of Taurus. Venus, as the ruler of Taurus, also emphasizes the feminine values of love, harmony, aesthetics and sensuality. Taurus is one of the four fixed mode signs which can often look like irrational stubbornness but there is a positive will to persist that comes with it. It can help you be loyal to your highest values and help you dig in and finish what you start. 

The art I chose for this Taurus blog is Soul Speak Oracle Card #6 - Taurus - Harmony. I call her the Sleeping Gypsy. She is resting on the bosom of Mother Earth, she is wearing a dress of "many colors" and has for companions a guitar and a green deer as a protector. She is an inspiration for us to trust the natural world, to allow ourselves to personally feel its comfort and beauty, not to feel separate. Nature can speak to us with great wisdom if we are willing to be still enough to listen.

So if you are intending to set intentions today for this next moon cycle I suggest taking time before you fall asleep tonight to find a place of stillness in yourself and let the day's special energies enter your open heart. Are you spending time and energy in a situation that is not aligned with your personal values? Do you feel free to act on these values and express them but something holds you back? What might that point to? Are you willing to "be the peace" in your situation, your relationship, your home, at work, or do you mostly feel others are disturbing "your peace?"Are you making time to visit natural places away from traffic and cell phones? Here where I live I can go to the beach, take off my shoes and walk on the sand. This is probably one of the best things you can do for your body and spirit. I should do it more often. 

Yes, we are on the other side now of the exact Cardinal Grand Cross that I've been talking about in this blog for a couple of months. The energy has been strong and I have seen an uptake of drama in my personal environment. This restless desire for change, for setting things right, for taking action in places where we have formerly been passive, all this will continue to affect us for some months to come but with less intensity, less "do or die." The Sun will be in Taurus through most of May and this will slow things down in general, allow for a earth element kind of grounding. Let's take some deep breaths now and enjoy the delightful energy of the spring season. I have planted seeds in the garden already, things that don't mind a little cool weather. I'm committing myself to sprouting seeds indoors as well. Have a flat of sunflower sprouts that are getting close to harvest size. This is something I've wanted to do for a long time--a dream come through, really. 

Happy New Moon!


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