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Thursday, March 27, 2014

New Moon in Aries - March 30

You may be scratching your head, thinking you've already seen an Aries blog from me this month. You'd be right! I just felt the Spring Equinox on March 20th, the first day of the Sun in Aries, was importantly deserving.

I pointed out that the Spring Equinox and our monthly New Moon are similar, one the start of our big yearly cycle and the other the start of each moon cycle. Both are pregnant times, good for self-reflection and setting intention.

Because of the increasing energetic intensity of this time, leading up to the Cardinal Grand Cross on April 23/24, I feel this New Moon is worthy of notice. The planet Uranus at 12 degrees Aries is conjunct the Sun/Moon at 9 degrees. It would be worthwhile to look up our natal charts and see where these degrees of Aries fall. 

The potential for insights and positive change will be ripe in this area of our chart. Uranus loves to see we acknowledge the truth of who we are, and will find ways to encourage us to know and honor our highest potential. Combined with the active and self-determined energy of Mars this duo is pushing us in the direction of independence and freedom from restrictions. 

Perhaps it's high time we assert our will in a situation where we are not feeling acknowledged or appreciated for who we are. Or perhaps we can see more clearly now that a situation we're in just doesn't match our deeper needs and desires.

The old habits and assumptions that have defined our beliefs about what is real can now see "out of the box." I chose my Soul Speak Oracle Card for the Fire Element for our art. This is Pele, the fiery volcano Goddess from Hawaii. She channels the destructive power of the volcano and lets it inform her when something is out of balance and needs active attention.

And, yes, that conjunction of Mars and Uranus is still in square aspect to Pluto, taking us deep into our emotional past, to places we have tucked away to deal with later. This Uranus/Pluto square has been with us since 2012 and will only be drifting apart in 2015. So these present energies are about to come to a peak soon, all the more reason for us to pay attention and use them for our own transformation process. 

There are many interesting websites focusing on the upcoming Cardinal Grand Cross and I spent some time the other day reading some. I should have made a list of my favorites perhaps, but I encourage you to take a look and follow your own intuitions. I'm not the type of astrologer who predicts the future but it's easy to admit that change is the only certainty these days. My concern is that we all use/see the challenge of these times as an opportunity to discover what's really important, to know ourselves better and with more inner confidence. There can't be too much of that going around.

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