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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Happy New Year & Spring Equinox

There'l be no big official hoopla but this Thursday, the 20th, is a big deal in the yearly cycle of seasons, the New Year's true beginning. The Sun goes into Aries at 12:57 PM here in New England's EDT.

Behind us will be the winter season, with it's opportunities for introspection and more attention on "being" than "doing." If we have used our winter time wisely we emerge clearer and with more self-understanding. Hopefully we've found more compassion and forgiveness for ourselves and for our fellow humans. We've had time to slow down and be more aware of our inner workings, our habits, our emotional history, the forces that have shaped and influenced who we have become.

Now Aries and the increase of light will shake up the energy and enliven us, at the same time setting off a wild burst of transformation in the natural world around us. On this special day it's good to pause and set intentions, similar to those set at a New Moon. Here is the SEED of intention to plant that sets the vision for the year. There will be a second New Moon this month, on the 30th. Aries will be at 10 degrees.

In mid-April there will be a Cardinal Grand Cross that is setting up 2014 to be a year of great change. I've been talking about this and today I see it in terms of a paradigm change. This will mean different things to different people, depending on your world-view. I mention it in this blog as a reminder that now is the time to envision the kind of world you want to see and hold that vision. This Grand Cross will create a restless dissatisfaction with the old paradigm and a strong willingness for people to make change, to make themselves heard or recognized. I'm very optimistic about the future but I know that the kind of changes I desire will only come about through a focused lens of many individuals optimistically sharing a similar vision.

This Spring Equinox starts the show which I see as an opportunity for the change that we will see only by believing in it and becoming it. So I hope on this special day we can affirm our willingness to rise to new levels of consciousness, to trust that what is present in our lives now is worth addressing, even if our ego wouldn't choose it. This is a time to wake up, step up, put on our "big girl" or "big boy" pants and get moving. The wind is now at our back. Have a happy Spring!



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