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Sunday, January 26, 2014

New Moon in Aquarius - Jan. 30, 2014

This New Moon catches the last day of January this year, thus two New Moons this month and the title,   Blue Moon. But what really catches my attention are the great opportunities to explore the energies of Aquarius and hone in on how we can use them for our Soul growth this upcoming Moon cycle. 

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, a planet very comfortable in the world of leading edge technology, the kind that involves information and communication--all our cell phones and our connection to the internet. People with a natal chart focus in the 11th House (ruled by Uranus) or important planets or the Ascendant in Aquarius should find keeping up with these avenues of connection interesting and entertaining. But there's more to Aquarius, of course. It's happy being a front runner when it comes to styles and changing ideas. Since Aquarius is a fixed air sign you have to expect some strong unyielding opinions or attitudes. The way Uranian energy works it seems to come down from a Universal Mind that has all the right answers, despite its "out of the box" leanings. If you're receptive to this energetic range of information you can experience a sensation of surety along with the inspiration. 

I would suggest a New Moon in Aquarius would be a great time to open to that possibility of new game-changing input from the unseen realm. Check out the house the New Moon conjunction at 10 degrees Aquarius falls into. This could give you insight about the realm of activity or focus most likely sensitive to this influence. In my case it's the 12th House. As an artist I always perk up when there's focus here because it can stir up my ability to use my imagination in creative ways. 

Mercury is going retrograde on February 6 at 3 degrees Pisces. On a positive note, a retrograde Mercury can allow us time and focus to pick up a project that got sidelined and take it to completion. These retrograde Mercury times allow our thinking process to review things in the past that are unresolved and could be dragging down our energies. 

The Sun will stay in Aquarius now until the 18th of February, when it moves into Pisces. Aquarius can be a social sign, more in the sense of friendships than intimate relationships. It can be hard to get close to people with a strong Aquarian influence, but they are generally interesting and good communicators. Will there be Valentine cards?

Venus will continue to be in Capricorn until March 5th. For this New Moon it's conjunct Pluto and thus  part of the cardinal T-square that's been around for a while, involving the square between Uranus and Pluto. The overriding theme here is "revolution," or people in high places in the spotlight and vulnerable to  scrutiny. "Head's will roll" kind of stuff. The involvement with Venus suggests that it's also time to take action if our Venus realm affairs need change or new perspective. 

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