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Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Moon - January 1, 2014

This year the January New Moon and New Year's Day conjoin. The day of "resolutions" can also be the day of "intentions." The exact moment of the conjunction of the Sun and Moon at 10 degrees Capricorn occurs at 6:14 AM here in the EST zone of New England. 

The pattern of the chart for this occurrence makes a Cardinal Grand Cross involving Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto which is in close conjunction with the Sun/Moon. This is both a strong and auspicious pattern for the first day of 2014. The Cardinal mode planets (Libra, Cancer, Aries,  Capricorn) all share energy that likes to lead, to take initiatory action. So it seems more important than ever to give this day some attention and form a clear idea of what you want the coming months (up til the Spring Equinox) and the year, 2014, to look like for you. There is always an opening in the cosmos that is strongly receptive to vision and intention at each New Moon, but this one seems particularly powerful from many angles. 

That said I'll try to explain my choice of art for this post. I decided to focus on the energy of Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, the sign of our Sun at this time, and the sign of our New Moon conjunction. To understand the potency of Saturn as a partner in our quest for harmony and wholeness we need to see gifts in its challenges. 

Saturn is associated with restriction, self-discipline, loneliness, frustration, blocks in our way, separations, loss, poverty. Where is the gift in all this? It's in the acceptance and resolution of the human dilemma of duality. It comes in the embrace of the bad with the good, the concept that the goal is to accept ourselves and life itself as containing both the dark and the light, the wanted and the unwanted. In the embrace of this we find the gift, a larger pattern of life unfolding before us mysteriously leading us toward a balance and freedom that can only come with inclusiveness and acceptance. By acceptance I mean a true knowing that what is before us is some part of our mirrored self. It's a belief that our thought patterns and beliefs bring about reality.

The figure in the art is Coatlicue, an Earth Goddess from the Aztec culture (also "Serpent Skirt"). If you look closely you can see the contrasting bad (skulls, claws, snakes) and good (bird, butterfly wings, expansive sky) energies. She is a powerful Goddess designed to strike fear and awe. This art is also one of the 44 cards in my Soul Speak Oracle Cards. In the deck She represents the Earth Element. The booklet says, "I speak for the embrace of natural laws and cycles that govern life on our planet." This quality of acceptance is pivotal to the work of Saturn on our Soul development while on earth. The message is similar to the advice, "love the one you're with."

I see this day as a time to align ourselves with practical, achievable long-term goals. I suspect we'll find new satisfaction in projects that allow us to see tangible results, to experience completion. Working within boundaries might not seem as restrictive as at other times. It's still winter and Saturn's energy helps us slow down and discover hidden gems in our lives that we tend to overlook in other seasons. Reading, studying, journaling, doing art are all aligned with this time of year. It's a good time to do those tasks that we might avoid at other times, things that take patience and focus (taxes?). 

Issues for reflection: what's the message in my feelings of restriction now? am I allowing myself to be oppressed/abused in return for a feeling of security? what drives my tendency to isolate myself? am I afraid to live alone? do I avoid my dark side by escape into addiction? am I working all the time to avoid emotional vulnerability? am I my own worst enemy when it comes to achieving goals? and where does that come from?

I'm envisioning that everyone who reads this post use the power of this New Moon to visualize what that want their lives to look like, and to go beyond that and envision an entire planet of positive vitality for all life. I'd particularly include an encouraging welcome to the Divine Feminine energy that seems to be arising just when it's most needed.

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