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Saturday, August 3, 2013

August New Moon in Leo--Tuesday the 6th

As the wheel of the annual parade of the signs of the zodiac travels forward we find ourselves halfway through the time of the Leo Sun. In a few days it will connect with a Leo Moon at 14 degrees, creating the monthly open time known as the New Moon. 

This time is considered a Dark Moon, meaning a visual absence of the moon, thus it makes for a stopping point, an emptiness, a time for envisioning and intending what comes next.

Thus this can be thought of as a 3-day period of slowing down and allowing an inner sensing of what is flowing and not in our lives. Here we can be inspired by looking for resonance with the chart that reflects this conjunction of the Sun and Moon in Leo. 

As most people know Leo is ruled by the Sun, the strongest and most masterly of astrology's "planets." It's hard to be negative about Leo energy, known for its ability to enjoy life, to feel at home in one's skin, to have a positive attitude combined with a strong will, to be loving, generous and loyal to family and friends. People of less dynamic Sun signs may find a Leo a bit much at times, overly self-dramatic perhaps, but all things considered their good qualities win us over. 

The only aspect this Leo conjunction has is a trine to Uranus. If anything this would raise the interest in all things cosmic, spiritual and high-minded. The chart continues to include the Grand Water Trine that was there last month. It suggests that this is a good time to consider our feeling nature and how much or how little we value it and tend to its clues. When I combine the images of Water and the Sun's fire I get a picture of HEART. When we follow our hearts we are often taking risks that our "heart's desire" might be denied in some way. I have found that facing my fears in this area have freed up creative juices and encouraged a willingness to try new things. 

There is a nice Jupiter/Mars conjunction in this chart in the emotional sign, Cancer, one of the points of the Water Trine. With this expansive and optimistic energy of Jupiter joined to the action-oriented Mars this could be a good time for us all to set ourselves in a more conscious "walk my talk" direction. This is a powerful combination of planets, however, and there are some other aspects that suggest a need for wariness so I'm not suggesting all great ideas popping up now are worth pursuing.

As for the collage I chose for this blog, it mirrors the fun-loving side of Leo, their ability to relax and enjoy flowing opportunities, to see life as the cup half-full.

I always suggest you look at your natal chart and see where our New Moon at 14 degrees Leo falls in terms of House placement. For me this is the 6th House of work and health. Through my long interest in astrology I see that I enjoy helping others locate areas of their charts that can be blocking their energetic flow. So this placement reminds me of how grateful I feel to be able to do service work that I am happily aligned with. I plan to use the issue of facing fears when I set my New Moon intentions.

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