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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cancer New Moon--July 8, 2013

For the first time I can recall in the past 4 or 5 years I didn't post my usual New Moon blog on time. It wasn't a choice, just happened. As I write it will be 3 days late, but it's seems that it's impossible now for me to just skip the occasion.

So speaking in the past tense, the magic of the New Moon happened on Monday, July 8 at 3:14 Am EDT. The conjunction of the Sun and Moon took place at 16 degrees Cancer. Mercury was conjunct at 18, and for now retrograde. Jupiter is in early degrees of Cancer. So both Jupiter and Mercury will remain in Cancer, for the rest of this Moon cycle. 

Mercury will go direct on the 20th and the Sun moves into Leo on the 22nd. 

Definitely the energies that prevailed on the New Moon were dominated by the element of Water. This situation opens us to all things of the past that relate to emotions. This is our best opportunity to allow forgotten past patterns that have held us back to rise to conscious awareness. They will have a natural tendency to come up during this Cancer New Moon cycle of 28 days so it's only a matter of giving them the space and encouragement of our intention to allow it and to use it. 

Here is a precious opportunity to see movement in our process of peeling off layers of early conditioning that no longer serve us. Picture stagnant water, dark and full of debris. Now imagine a release of fresh water flooding in and moving the old downstream. The deep stuck areas of our past can be uncovered and released for what they are, conditioning introduced early when we were open and vulnerable. 

This is a special time that opens us to our inner knowing based on clues that arise from intuitive feeling, not the mind, not logic, not expectations, not handed down belief systems. What do you know in your gut is true? How can you give this sensing method the authenticity it deserves?

I've been reading Barbara Hand Clow's 1995 book, The Pleiadian Agenda, and found a couple of sentences that clarify the importance of stopping to honor the time of the New Moon each month.

Here the Moon is speaking: "Alchemy occurs when my lunar light penetrates the 2D metallic consciousness of your planet. This occurs 13 times during each solar year during the New Moon when Earth shields my surface from the Sun for only a few minutes. The 2D metallic elementals register the subtle emanations of stars at the time of the New Moon, and your pineal glands register stellar emanations then. There is a new emotional field each lunar month. Mercury crystals in your pineal glands read this vibration, which is your source of galactic intelligence. Everything is vibration, and I can only reach you with a very soft vibration in total darkness. this darkness I imprint an emotional field of new potential."

May we all continue to peel off extraneous self-identification and allow the Moon's nurturing influence guide us each month.


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