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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Taurus New Moon - Thursday, May 10

 A New Moon (Sun and Moon conjunct) in the Venus-ruled sign of Taurus brings attention to matters of values, connection to the natural world, material possessions and finances, a sense of self-worth, and our human desire for comfort and security.

The exact time of day for this powerful opportunity for visualizing change is 8:29 PM EDT (now that I live in Portsmouth, NH). The degree of the conjunction is 19:31 Taurus. A Solar Eclipse at the same time adds to the specialness and power of this opportunity to turn the page on past patterns and start fresh. Any eclipse is associated with death/rebirth. 

The "Sleeping Gypsy" (Russeau) illustrates the comfortable association between Taurus energy and nature. We could characterize her as one who is having a "walkabout." Since Taurus is generally comfort-seeking her sleeping outdoors is not typical but I am suggesting that Taurus types can gain a lot of grounding and inspiration from time spent in nature. A small garden near the house that provides home-grown vegetables and herbs could be similarly potent and healing.

Every New Moon offers a zero point in the monthly moon cycle. This is a time when consciously setting intentions can be most effective. My theory is that by aligning these intentions with the energetic theme of its sign adds a "go with the flow" added power. So I like to offer possible topics: am I as healthy and balanced as I'd like? do I want to expand in the area of personal finances? am I living in a way that reflects my personal values? do I feel worthy of achieving my goals and desires? is it time to downsize? am I really enjoying the food I prepare and eat and does it align with my values?

We may notice we aren't getting the joy and satisfaction we expect from our quest for comfort and security. This could be a good time to reflect on this and see if we can look deeper in ourselves for what we truly long for.

Venus moved into Gemini from Taurus today. This will change the mood of relating from romance and sensuality to a less deep layer of flirting and socializing with many people. This extends to June 2nd.

Saturn is continuing to move in a retrograde motion these days and has reached 7 degrees. It will be 2015 when Saturn finally goes into the next sign, Sagittarius. For some of us who are experiencing a difficult ride with Saturn in Scorpio I guess we just have to come to terms with whatever challenges it's presenting. I have a strong stellium in Taurus in the 3rd House that is opposite the 8th House Saturn transit. So I continue to feel under the gun to sort out attitudes and goals relating to my values and attitudes around finances and close connections to others. 

This New Moon falls, of course, in my 3rd House, which starts at 13 degrees Taurus and ends in Gemini. And I'm factoring in the eclipse that's offering me a great chance to put the past behind me and embrace my new life here in New Hampshire. Already I'm feeling the complexity of living near my family and in a large communal house of 16 or so people. Because of my location in the house I can only belong to the raw/vegan kitchen so I am going with that opportunity to try a different approach to eating. So far I'm embracing it without much fuss. My reluctance is mostly mental and based on past habits around food, but I notice my values love the organic produce, the nuts and seeds and salad vegetables. Also I'm finding a passion for sprouting that I've had for a long time but haven't practiced much. Everything in this kitchen is shared and that's a new way to think around food that I'm discovering I like.

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