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Monday, April 8, 2013

New Moon Blog--Aries 4-10-13

This Wednesday, the 10th, brings us to the first New Moon of the new yearly cycle. This is a powerful time with extra potential for setting intentions that will manifest the entire year.  The Sabian Symbol for 20 degrees Aries is that of a "prize fighter." Think Mohamed Ali. 

For my collage this month I have chosen the Hawaiian Goddess, Pele, whose potency is mirrored in the volcano on the big island that is her home. She is strong and clear when expressing outrage or anger. She does not like to be confined or disrespected. 

On the day of this upcoming New Moon there are four planets conjunct in Aries, the Sun and Moon, of course, and also Mars and Venus. Uranus continues to be in Aries, squaring Pluto, but not close enough to be connected to this group. The Venus/Mars conjunction tells us that relationships will play a major role in all our lives, both through this particular Moon cycle, and for the larger yearly cycle that this New Moon symbolizes. 

When we combine relationships and fiery energy we find a goldmine of challenges. For starters the element of Fire calls for self-love and self-trust. Fire likes to move quickly and directly with a sense of knowing on an inner level that what they are doing is correct, at least for themselves. If a fiery individual is lacking in self-love and reliable inner direction he/she is operating from ego. This can present lots of potential for relationship issues.

Fire is not naturally focused on other people and their sensitivities and needs. At its best Fire hears the trusted voice within and responds in an instinctual way. There is beauty to this way of moving through life that can be attractive and appreciated by friends and partners. But if challenges or obstructions arise Fire can become frustrated and even angry. Another thing Fire is not good at is sticking to a goal or project beyond the initiatory stage. This could sometimes apply to a relationship when it shifts to a phase that might feel to Fire like stagnation or confinement.

It's my conviction that when we align ourselves with these points in earth's cyclical rhythms we are acknowledging our connection to a larger dimensional whole. This, in itself, is a way to consciously follow the cyclical flow of the energy of life, which is always changing but in a way that also makes a spiral.

I talk about what comes to me when I picture the fiery energy of Aries combining with a current focus on relationship to paint a picture of potential issues that might be fruitful for this place in the ever-changing cycle of personal wisdom and growth.

There is also a general acceleration in the pace of energy for everyone with this focus on Aries. This can be a great time for breaking through beyond our fears or getting out of our own way in pursuit of a new passion. Sometimes an honest look at what is holding us back will set us energetically free to move forward. This is an auspicious time to take a bold step toward something that is calling you but is a challenge to your attachments, possibly to the familiar or the comfortable. And, in sync with nature, this is the time to plant the seed of a vision you see manifesting in your future.

It's often helpful to find the House in your natal chart where the 20 degree Aries conjunction of the Sun and Moon falls. In my case this House is the 2nd, ruled by the earth signTaurus and the planet of love and harmony, Venus. It has everything to do with personal values and resources, the ability to live like you want to when it comes to what makes you feel happy and secure. I'll be in the packing-up phase of a big move from Taos to New Hampshire during this New Moon. In my decision to move I'm following my passion to be near my daughter and her family which includes two adorable granddaughters who tug strongly on my heart strings. I will soon be up to my ears in important relationships while trying to find my balance in a new home, a new landscape, a new world of opportunity to expand my art and astrology careers. Did I say this is a good time of year to re-locate?

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