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Monday, March 11, 2013

March 11 New Moon -- 21 Pisces

The exact conjunction of the Sun and the Moon just occurred here in Taos, NM, around 1 PM. I've never posted one of my New Moon blogs this late but I've been engulfed in a big creative project, a Soul Speak Oracle Deck, that many of you have heard about off and on for several years. The time for birthing it is now. I guess that kind of concentration is what it takes to manifest?

This month's card is one of the new ones I recently made to complete the 44 images I needed for the deck.  I was able to use many of the collage cards I've made over the past four years. I'm grateful for the encouragement I've received over this stretch of time. Without it I don't know if I'd be brave enough to believe in this deck.

There are seven planets in Pisces today (if you include Chiron). That's a lot of water (add Saturn in Scorpio) and more specifically, a lot of Neptune influence. More than any other planet Neptune covers the territory of the unseen, the intuitive, the mystical, all that can only be glimpsed through inspiration, connection with wiser sources of wisdom and truth. Here is the door to the invisible realms, places that man is capable of navigating--out of the ordinary, out of body, trances, miracles. I would guess that everyone reading this has their own experience of Neptune's world, some more commonly than others.

Astrology charts can read this type of influence for an individual. Planets in the 12th house, especially the Sun or Moon, planets in Pisces, especially personal planets or the Ascendant, and aspects from Neptune to personal planets will all heighten this influence.

But there's something about Neptune that we all need to keep in perspective. Like all the planets, it has a dark and compelling side. For one thing Neptune is the dissolver. You can imagine all the ways that could spell trouble, ie. dissipating or dissolving all that we in the culture of 3D reality hold solid and dear. Examples: lying or being the victim of deception, all escapes from reality (drugs, addictions, insanity), and the tendency to be a victim of manipulation or one who is easily influenced by the realities of others to the point that they lose a sense of themselves.

And so the "letting go" aspect of Neptune can be fun, can be inspiring or uplifting and/or it can lead us down a scary path away from the rules and assumptions of others in a way that becomes isolating or leads to feelings of painful loss of identity or our sense of belonging. You could even say that we understand from this perspective why our mainstream culture fears drug use, especially those, like psychedelics, that expand the point of view dimensionally (very Neptunian). 

Personally I have a Pisces Sun, two personal planets in the 12th House and Neptune trine my Moon, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Uranus. I'm what you would call a "sensitive" type person. I tend to avoid a lot of things that other people can enjoy. I'm easily overwhelmed or thrown off my game by influences "out there." Guess that makes me an introvert, more of a deep sea diver than a mountain climber.

So with the New Moon at 21 degrees it's always good to observe which House in your chart is feeling the influence of all this Neptune energy. In my case it's the 1st House, the house of identity itself. With this kind of influence I would guess any fixed ideas I have about myself could be challenged now. Do I tend to play the victim and blame others when things don't seem right? Is it time to see that people are less different from me than is true? Can I use generously and wisely the valuable gifts that come with a strong Neptune influence? Can I find it in my heart to really forgive those who have hurt me (my sensitive self) in the past?

I hope by the time you read this it is still the day of the New Moon. But the opportunity of this time lasts for several days on either side of exactness, so hopefully you can find some insights for your own New Moon intentions this month.

Our Spring Equinox is just around the corner, on the 20th of the month. This is the real "New Year" of the yearly cycle. Use it to set something desirable into motion. It's the best time of the year for it. Mercury goes direct on Sunday, the 17th, just in time for this forward thrust.

Happy Spring!


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