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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February 9/10--New Moon in Aquarius

Depending on where you live in the US the New Moon this month could fall on the 9th or the 10th. For us here in the Mountain Time Zone the actual time is 12:20 AM, or 20 minutes into the 10th of February.

But the chart will be the same. The Moon/Sun conjunction falls in 21 degrees of Aquarius.

I chose a collage of mine for this month's blog I call "The Star." In the world of the Tarot the sign, Aquarius, is assigned to the Star card. As I see the Uranian energy that flows through Aquarius, offering information and inspiration, I equate the Star with its Divine/cosmic source.

When an individual is tuned in to receive inspiration and willing to act on it to create a positive reality there is an inner balance that shows up as self-esteem and confidence. And from the outside that could look like a special radiance similar to a star. The root for the word, "confidence," is "to confide," which would describe one's willingness to confide in oneself, to trust oneself, our inner guidance.

In astrology we associate Aquarius with a creative and innovative mind combined with a heart for humanities best interests. This energy is often connected to a desire to improve the world and Aquarian ideas are often involved with improving things and using  innovative concepts to do so. The philosopher Heidegger once said, "A person is not a thing or a process but an opening through which the Absolute can manifest."

So through this next Moon cycle I suggest we visualize ourselves as an opening for light, a gateway for manifestation on the earth plane. How does this process get sabotaged? Maybe we have stacked up so many unfinished projects that we don't feel we have space for acting with clarity in the moment? Perhaps our sense of being behind and burdened by previous commitments energetically blocks what appears in present awareness? We could be missing the flow of new insights and inspirations?

As we ponder our intentions for this coming New Moon these are just some ideas for consideration. Where is 21 degrees Aquarius in your chart? In mine if falls in the 12th House between my Mercury at 11 degrees and my Ascendant at 29. I would consider the 12th House a place where there is constant input from many sources, both the personal and collective unconscious, and invisible beings such as angels and guides. With my Mercury there I'd guess my mind is normally (constantly?) influenced by such sources of input. With the New Moon there I'd expect this activity to be more noticeable. Perhaps I make it my intention to invite it more consciously?

Mars finds itself in an interesting place on this New Moon chart. It's in Pisces to begin with, not a very compatible sign due to the passive and introspective nature of Pisces. Conjunct it on either side are Neptune and Mercury, also in Pisces. This pretty much takes the stuffing out of the assertive and direct ways that Mars is suited for. This can't be a favorable time to make a bold move forward and initiate some new and ambitious project that requires lots of push.

The Uranus/Pluto square continues its drumbeat for changes in our culture away from the patriarchal structures of the past, and toward a new openness to the influence of  the Divine Feminine. Surely it's time to allow that flow of new ideas move through us and participate in the manifestation of a higher vision for what life on earth was meant to be. Jupiter is trine Venus in the New Moon chart and this supports a constructive use  of a feminine approach this month. Let us be kind to ourselves and one another as we follow our stars.

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