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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January New Moon in Capricorn--1-11-13

Where can we find the "gift" in this upcoming New Moon's opportunity to grow ourselves? In the context of the yearly cycle this is still a dark time, despite the fact that daytime is on the increase. I once heard the phrase, "fruitful darkness," to describe this time. It covers the period that feels like "winter" to us. 

I see it as a time that offers balance, a time where many activities are restricted, at least  where there is a defined winter season. This allows for inward reflection, for long nights of potent dreaming, an opportunity for our personal  subconscious to emerge and be heard. 

I picture the true start of the new yearly cycle occurring at the Spring Equinox (March 20). How can we take advantage of the intervening time so that we are aligned with our deeper selves at the time of new beginnings? Picture yourself as the seed that you will plant on March 20. You still have time and opportunity to take advantage of the "fruitful darkness" time to grow in wisdom and self-knowing, to transform the "Seed of Self" for its new adventure in the active, outgoing, fruiting time to come.

The Sun/Moon conjunction of the New Moon is in the sign Capricorn, ruled by the planet Saturn. The energy of Saturn can be restrictive, disciplined, hard working and focused, among other virtues. This is a good time to apply similar qualities to your life. Saturn supports you now in tasks that upgrade the practical side of your affairs. And this New Moon can be used to support that when you make your intentions. 

Eight days after the New Moon, on the 19th of January, the Sun goes into Aquarius. I only mention this to encourage you to use this Capricorn time while it lasts. Also I want to remind you that these New Moons are best utilized by slowing down and allowing more inner reflection a day or two before the actual day of the conjunction. This uses the natural energy of the monthly Moon cycle. 

The art I selected for this blog is from a painting of mine created in 2004. The subject is the Egyptian Goddess Nut (noot). She is associated with the night sky and her image was a popular motif for art associated with burial of the dead. Her story is that she swallowed the Sun each day at sunset. It passed through her body during the dark time to emerge from her womb at dawn, reborn. For me she represents the essential value and beauty of the dark time cycle.

The Sun/Moon conjunction in this month's New Moon chart occurs at 21 degrees Capricorn. As usual I advise those of you with your own charts to locate the house this degree falls in to visualize the area of its focus. For me this is the 11th House, one that I tend to ignore because it is empty of planets. It is ruled by Uranus though and I am strongly influenced by that energy in my overall chart. So I will consider my Aquarian tendencies and try to blend those with the balancing need for Saturnian grounding. I have noticed that I think with more intuitive clarity when my house is clean and smudged, and my practical affairs feel in order. 

Another way of saying the same thing would be to state that a conscious Saturnian  foundation of organization and attention to practicalities is a good (dare I say essential?) balance for the more spiritual and adventurous sides of ourselves. So let's welcome the complex blend of Saturn's 3D order and grounding with the potential chaos of exploring the dark times and places within ourselves. One of the symbols for Saturn is a key. I take this to be the key to the door of expanded consciousness.  

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