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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December New Moon --12-13-12 Sagittarius

We arrive at some important dates this month, the 12-12-12 tomorrow, the New Moon on Thursday and the much anticipated Winter Solstice on the 21st. This latter is also the end day of the Mayan calendar. 

I am only an astrologer, not a prophet or a channeler, a numerologist or a Mayan expert, so I'm not going to share my personal version of what's to come. I intend to find my way here in Taos with opportunities to honor and celebrate with others and I expect all of you will choose ways that seem correct for you. 

I've chosen a collage for this blog that reflects the opportunity for a new beginning and a deeper connection to the higher dimensional universe that surrounds and supports our planet.

As for the New Moon on's in Sagittarius (21 degrees), a sign ruled by the beneficent planet Jupiter. Because of its association with optimism, luck and abundance (among other things) I feel we can easily frame our New Moon intentions as a wish, knowing that the power of the timing will make for a special wind at our backs.

If you tend to lack faith in life this New Moon could present a great chance to both acknowledge that and to start consciously turning that around. This has to start with a sense of connection to the Divine and the abundant and generous spirit that resides there. If you believe there's a limited amount of wealth or resources on the planet that might take some deeper examination. 

In my chart the New Moon falls in my 10th House, the house of career, calling, public life. I plan to use the alignment to encourage myself in finding new paths within my dual careers as astrologer and artist, expecting increased abundance and ability to experience life with trust and positive expectations.

The astrology of this New Moon is fairly quiet. Uranus has been in retrograde motion in the sign of Aries and tomorrow will be stationary retrograde. This should intensify its energy for sudden change, especially in the realm of the mind, it's ability to see things in a new way. This is a very "New Age of Aquarius" moment (Uranus rules Aquarius). So keeping this opening in mind we should take advantage and encourage ourselves at the New Moon to be willing to give up old beliefs where it seems appropriate. 

In my case I could combine this in my New Moon intention toward opening paths within my careers. Perhaps it's hidden old beliefs that hold me back? I could intentionally release these?

May the expansive energy of Sagittarius help us keep our hearts open and our fears at bay as we progress through the month. 



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