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Monday, November 12, 2012

New Moon/Eclipse in Scorpio 2012

The New Moon of November takes place on Tuesday, November 13 at 21 degrees Scorpio. Here in the Mountain Time Zone the time of day is 3:08 PM.

The purpose of this blog is to facilitate your process of making intention at this critical turning point in the Moon's cycle of 28 days. I feel it's grounding and stabilizing to live with awareness of the Moon's cycles. It is a reminder that on our amazing planet this cyclical pattern is the way things work. It's wise to notice and consciously attune to natural cycles, including the "birth to death" cycle of all living organisms here.

As an astrologer I have come to understand that if we take note of the energies of the chart for the current New Moon it points us toward issues currently up for us when we set intentions for the upcoming cycle. Scorpio and it's planetary ruler, Pluto, have their story and it's a juicy one. Keywords would be power, sexuality, intimacy, secrets, transformation, the shadow, will power, the occult, healing power, deep courage, control issues, intense emotions. 

In all things Scorpio there is a tendency to go deep. In a perfect world this ultimately leads to fearless probing into the truth of things, including the ultimate purpose of human life, an experience of the deep silence of consciousness within ourselves that ultimately connects us all in Divine Oneness. 

Usually there is an interesting journey along the way, with places of denial and seemingly wrong turns in the road. But there's no better energy to invoke when you're determined to be honest with yourself and face fears and illusions than the Goddess Kali, my featured image. She is a Hindu Goddess that is called upon by devoted spiritual seekers for help finding the ultimate freedom of pure consciousness, our natural state. She is a cutter of illusion, a giver of courage, one of the Great Mother Goddesses.

Plus this New Moon comes with a total Solar Eclipse. It won't be visible here in the US but can be viewed along a path from Indonesia to South America. This Eclipse of the Sun can stimulate desire to attune to our Higher Self, to listen to it's urgings and be determined to follow it's guidance toward transformation--to do the work on ourselves that is correct for where we are in our process of growth. An eclipse always helps us to leave the past and start fresh. If you are planning ceremony for this day I would suggest the exercise of listing things you are willing to let go of and ending with a small fire that burns the paper. The energetic influence of an eclipse lasts for several months.

Saturn has moved into the sign, Scorpio, recently and will move through it during the upcoming 2 1/2 years. Saturn always ups the demands we make on ourselves to grow, to take responsibility, to continue to self-improve. Look at the House or Houses affected by Scorpio to learn which arena of life will be the stage for this assignment. The end time is December 23, 2014. This is a great time to think "maturity" when the going gets rough. The end goal is to fulfill our potential, to "be all we can be." For sure this time is designed to encourage us toward that.

Pluto and Uranus continue to square one another so the beat of the "revolution" continues. There's a wide conjunction between Mars and Pluto so don't be surprised to see some saber rattling as Mars continues to approach Pluto at 7 degrees Capricorn.

I realize with today being the 12th of November that December 12, 2012 is only a month away now. May we all find the peace that surpasses understanding.

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