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Saturday, October 13, 2012

The US exact time of day for Monday's New Moon is early morning. In the Mountain Time Zone, 6:03 AM. With the Sun/Moon conjunction in Libra the focus is on relating with important others in a harmonious way. 

In my collage I depict one of history's most famous loving couples, Isis and Osiris. To refresh minds on their story...they started out as two of three royal siblings. They were inseparable and lucky. Their brother, Seth, was jealous and when they were all young adults killed Osiris. Even when the dead body of Osiris was cut in pieces and scattered all over Egypt Isis managed, through her love and magical skills, to find all the bits and restore him to life just long enough for him to provide Isis with his seed for a son, Horus.

I chose this darkly colored story full of deep emotion and life and death to take notice of the planet Saturn entering Scorpio, where it will be for the next 2 1/2 years. I have mentioned many times in past blogs that Saturn was in Libra, affecting all of us in the arena of significant relationships. These pairings have been tested in terms of their success in providing what we, the individual, needs to be our best. 

With Saturn in Scorpio we will be taking a dive into our deeper layers of selfness; the subconscious will be more active and informing, our intense emotions will surface and be examined and our sexual and spiritual longings will be awakened, all claiming our attention. Pluto ruled Scorpio is all about transformation/change. Saturn in Scorpio will add clout to the Pluto/Uranus square that will continue to demand a world-wide revolution. I find it helpful to focus on this "revolution" as a paradigm shift and Pluto has a bigger role now moving forward. The mind of Pluto is penetrating, seeing what is hidden, below the surface, kept secret. The game of life gets more interesting for all of us.

In general the chart for this New Moon is benign and a trine from Jupiter to the Sun/Moon adds a blessing to the celebration of love in this Libra fest. Saturn is in a wide conjunction to the New Moon while also in harmonious aspect to the Neptune/Chiron conjunction in early Pisces (which is not going anywhere). All very balanced and loverly.

Jupiter went retrograde on October 4th and will remain so into January 2013. This should give us new perspective on the topic of abundance. Perhaps this is time to re-frame our ideas of what it means to be "rich" and how we might achieve it. If this appeals to you I would suggest it as a worthy theme to pursue in your intentions for the upcoming moon cycle. Look for new ideas, new openings here.

One more thing to note--Mars is trine Uranus, facilitating a chance to break free from our usual inhibitions, the patterns, beliefs and habits that hold us back. I, for one, am  welcoming this helpful energy. 

A final thought about Libra and relationships by way of thinking "new paradigm." I am personally very conscious and even active, as an artist, in promoting what I call the rise or the return, if you will, of the Divine Feminine in our time. Back in the early 90s I had a sacred moment of receiving and accepting a call from my higher self regarding this. The feminine as a concept (not to be confused with a female individual) is needed for balance now in our world. One of the many concepts that come with that is true equality among people, a treating of others as you would yourself. This is a hallmark of the "new paradigm" in all our relationships (including our environment) and eliminates control of them for our own purposes. This I would suggest as another area to consider for making intentions this New Moon. If you recognize yourself as a victim of someone who tries to control you, to dis-empower you, this would be something to acknowledge and question.

Let this New Moon be a seed to all our fresh starts as we enter the time of increasing darkness. Let it bring new awareness and insights along with expanding love.  

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