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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Moon in Virgo, September 15

 This month's New Moon comes on Saturday, the 15th. For my time zone (MDT) that's at 8:11 PM (at 23 degrees Virgo). As I write this we are in the last phase of the Moon's cycle, the Balsamic phase. This is a time of endings, a quiet time to reflect and evaluate this past Moon cycle--a time to share what we've learned, created or completed. And this leads us back to the dark and fertile time of a new beginning, the Dark (or New) Moon.

Our last New Moon was in the sign Leo and the focus was on self-esteem and self-expression, feeling at home inside our own skin. Here in the sign Virgo issues turn more to the practical, to almost a forgetfulness of self and a focus on serving others. But as I began sorting through my collage materials to begin shaping this month's Virgo collage I couldn't find inspiration with that theme, however appropriate.

I remembered the Goddess Vesta, associated with Virgo. She is one of the four female archetypes known and used in astrology, the "Asteroid Goddesses." When the astroids were discovered in the early 1800s the first four sighted were named after the great Goddesses of antiquity: Ceres, Pallas Athene, Juno and Vesta. Around this time the women's movement, led by Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Stanton sought to increase women's participation in society. In the 1970s Eleanor Bach published the first asteroid ephemeris and astrologers wishing to expand awareness of more diverse feminine attributes began to incorporate the placement of these four astroids into chart readings.

Back in the early 90s I became aware of this trend and found the definitive book on the topic, Asteroid Goddesses by Demetra George. The four Goddesses correspond to the Four Directions as well as their female archetypes and basically represent the Mother/Nurturer, the Mental/Creative Daughter, the Wife/Consort, and our interest  today, Vesta, the Virgin/Sister who is self-contained, belonging to no man.

Relating Vesta to the astrology chart she sits at the Ascendant, which relates to self-identity and autonomy. She offers the ability to focus ones energy and to experience wholeness of self. She reminds us that periodic retreat helps us cleanse and regenerate the self, leading to clarity of vision and purpose. This leads to the possibility of devotion to a mission or an ideal (which sounds similar to the usual "service to others" that is assigned to Virgo).

In my collage I have tried to reflect a vision of Vesta as clear minded and able to choose a path outside family roles if so inspired. She is liberated from sexual inhibitions and roles.  She can make choices from the calling of her "inner life." The red area behind the figure is a macro photo I took of a nasturtium that had light behind it  shining through the center. I see the yellow center as an "inner fire" available for feeding her passion for creativity and service. The auric ring suggests her self-contained posture in society. 

While not all of us have an identification with this particular feminine archetype she can teach and inspire us to find better balance within ourselves by practice of self-nurturance and retreat. Personally I am attracted to her self-reliance aspect. 

This conjunction of the Sun & Moon falls in my House of Marriage. The message I am getting is that the more I acknowledge my need for a relationship that is correct for the independent person I am the more likely such an individual will appear.

So I will forgo making suggestions about setting New Moon intentions this time and mention a couple of current astrological happenings you might want to notice. Venus is in Leo now and that will only last until the 3rd of October. The vibes around that are romantic and pleasurable, like the first stage of love. Take advantage if you are in a position to do so. Venus' next sign will be Virgo and that energy is, well, "not so much." Also in a couple of weeks Saturn will be moving out of Libra, where it's been for about 2 1/2 years and into Scorpio. Wherever Saturn moves by sign and by house for each of us we are assigned to working with related issues. Saturn is a kind of finger pointing/house cleaning energy. All the things we shove under the rug will eventually be seen and noted by Saturn at some time in its 28 year circling of the zodiac. 

Saturn in Libra has kept us all on our toes in our close relationships, digging around and poking, hoping we find better balance/fit between ourselves and others. Now with Scorpio minding the show we will be looking at our shadow side more than usual and may be able to see more deeply into what others are dealing with as well. The unconscious will become more of a player under this influence and things about ourselves we didn't realize may surface. So in the end we should be more self-aware and hopefully more compassionate as well towards ourselves and others. Check the house placement for your new Saturn journey. 

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