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Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Moon--August 17, Leo

 This month's New Moon occurs Friday, the 17th at 9:54 AM in the Mountain Time Zone. I use this zone because I know most of my readers live there. 

Something I don't usually talk about is how energy changes within any given 28-day Moon cycle. Picture a cycle that begins with focus and intent to act, peaks half way through in fruition (Full Moon) and ends in a "going within" phase that proceeds the next beginning. With this in mind I'll suggest that the day before the New Moon can be the start of a 3-day period of slowing down, returning to the inner-directed self, and reviewing the larger context of our lives, our values, our goals. At the same time I feel there is power in stopping to reflect and set your New Moon intentions somewhat near the time of exact conjunction between the Sun and Moon. There's power in that timing for sure. 

As usual I like to review the qualities of the sign our New Moon occupies. Here in Leo we find the Sun's attributes, a sunny outlook on life, self-esteem, generosity, an energy that's positive without being aggressive, that's self-assured without seeming bossy or selfish. When we come in contact with a person who seems to embody all these qualities we may feel both attracted and a little intimidated or out-classed. No doubt about it, Leo has attractive qualities. Don't compare, that's just the mind.

In my collage art for this month I focused on the relaxed, fun-loving and expansive qualities of Leo, the way Leo energy feels grounded and at home on planet Earth. I used a flower of Georgia O'Keefe's for the background. I love the spiral shell in the top right corner but have no exact explanation for its context other than the sacred geometry of it suggesting that there is Divine order on our planet. Leo energy projects they are naturally aligned with Earth's beauty and mysteries.

It's the New Moon so check in with yourself and ask if you can see room for expansion in your attitude and way of interacting with others that allows more of that Sun energy to flow through you. For me it feels like "let your light shine," a willingness to show up with heart, a generous spirit.

It's helpful to look at your chart (if possible) and see where 25 degrees Leo falls, which House. By considering the realm of activity in that particular House you further hone in on what might be the best intention for you to visualize. The New Moon will energize the affairs of this House and make them easy to access and evaluate. In my case 25 Leo falls in my 6th House of work, health and service. Perhaps it's time to find a way to share my knowledge of astrology with more people. I could teach a class? What are the issues that might be stopping me from that? Some fear?  

Now let's look at the larger picture of the chart for August 17th. There is a conjunction between Mars and Saturn that is in sextile aspect(60 degrees--easy) to our New Moon. While the energy of Mars/Saturn is not considered fun it does offer a chance to understand why relationships (it's in Libra) are in deeper focus now. In some ways there seems to be more responsibilities and even losses here, or new levels of commitment and more activity. In any case this challenge comes up in a Saturn cycle of every 2 years. Again note the house position of this conjunction (25 degrees Libra) for understanding the context of the issues. FYI two yeas ago this conjunction occurred at 1 degree Libra.

As I continue to mention on this blog we have the Uranus/Pluto square.  At this time it catches Venus at 9 degrees Cancer, and this makes a Cardinal T-Square for our New Moon chart. Now we have the revolutionary intensity of the Uranus/Pluto square  involved with the business of Venus. In Cancer Venus is looking for security, for continuity with loved ones. This T-Square is a roadblock for business-as-usual for Venus. Here's the perfect timing to drop/end relationships (all kinds) with people who don't get/reflect who you are now. At the time of a New Moon in Leo we want more than ever to express our unique gifts and values. If need be this can be a time to purify your goals and values, to look for focus on things that get results in both the short and the long term of your life vision. It may seem that your tough decisions are not fair to others, but try to trust this special opportunity for correct change if it applies to you. 

People with strong Venus energy in their charts will be feeling this challenging energy the most intensely. That would be those with Sun, Moon or an Ascendent in Taurus or Libra. It could also affect those with many planets in the 2nd or 7th House. 

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