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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Moon July 19, 2012--Cancer

In the process of creating a chart for this month's New Moon blog I discovered the date depends on where you live. I always like to make the chart I'll be looking at local for Taos. We're in MDT and I had started with an EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) of 12:24 AM. That would be 24 minutes past mid-night and we're two hours earlier so that puts Taos back to July 18 at 10:24 PM. I suppose I'm only speaking to a small percentage of readers who are concerned with an exact time, but I did want address the issue of which day it might be depending on where you live. 

The main focus of my blog is on the energy and qualities of the sign of the New Moon, in this case, Cancer. By examining our own personal themes and issues in light of that sign we can set intentions for this next moon cycle that are in the flow, so to speak.

I want to first digress by looking at the overall chart for that exact time of the New Moon. There is a Cardinal T-Square involving Mars, Pluto and Uranus. 

What is "Cardinal" you might ask? There are three modes a sign could be assigned to in astrology: Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable. The four Cardinal signs align with the "power houses," #1, 4, 7, and 10. These signs have a special urge to push forward, to initiate, to make ideas into reality, take action. When you combine this Cardinal energy with that of the planets involved (Pluto, Uranus and Mars) you get a strong desire for radical change that is likely to be acted upon. Now Mars is really the kicker here because it's moving along at a fast clip, whereas Pluto and Uranus are barely moving at all (in terms of position by degrees). So once Mars has flown by them, by the weekend let's say, our wild moment will have passed. 

Mercury is retrograde until August 8. This can support new thinking (out of the box) but generally it's agreed that this is not a time for starting new projects. But who knows, the "out of box" thinking could contribute to the radicalness of the above described T-Square?

By the 22nd the Sun goes into Leo and we're still living with the Pluto/Uranus square which will be around for several more years, thus defining this "time for change" we're living in now. This year is only the beginning, from that perspective. Our tendency to be self-expressive will increase with the Suns movement into Leo from Cancer. 

The collage I choose for this month's blog is called "The Earth is My Mother." It tries to describe some of the attributes of Cancer, a feminine Water sign ruled by the Moon. Cancer is very involved in the emotional life, is influenced by the contents of the subconscious, is focused on security, both of the physical self and the emotional self. Cancer energy is sensitive to environment, wants a domestic situation that is secure and nurturing. Generally Cancer influenced individuals are loyal to their loved ones and make them feel supported.

So in terms of themes for this New Moon I would suggest issues around "support" such as one's willingness to accept it when appropriate or the possibility of needing support from others that is out of balance. Another theme would be the willingness to honor one's feelings, especially deep and irrational ones. 

What is going on in our domestic lives right now? Is there an issue that is not balanced? Do we feel as safe and secure at home as we need to? I find that at this time, like no other, it feels good to be able to harvest food from our own gardens (like the woman in the collage). This is the perfect time to visualize what it is you want and need from your home situation and ask for it. There's probably never been time in history like the present when thoughts create reality!

From a spiritual perspective I see Cancer's need for security as a deep Soul longing for alignment with Source. It arises from the root of their being and cannot be satisfied with substitutes or symbols. Love is the only answer since at our root that is what we are. There can be feelings of fear and vulnerability associated with Cancer's attraction to love relationships. Are we blocking our heart's desires? Have we shut down our hearts out of a need for self-protection?

If we can dream it, feel it, we can create it.  

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