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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Moon & Eclipse on May 20,2012

Astrology is not the only lens with which to view the current ebbs and flows of intense energy we're all experiencing. But as we must be sensing a vaster context for our lives on planet Earth, I have to think astrology has concepts and language to lend our present journey some helpful structure.

I have been sensing that we are approaching a time that will both intensify and resolve much that lies mysteriously before us. Last week we were impressed by the Full Moon in Scorpio. It definitely raised the intensity level, but for many it also felt like a powerful window for insights that expanded consciousness. It had the potential to deepen ones knowing of Truth, both of Self and of the larger context that gives everything meaningful connection.

Today the planet Venus began it's retrograde journey in Gemini (from 23 degrees to 7 degrees) that will last until June 27. This in itself is notable since this happens less frequently than most other planets, about every 18 months and lasting around 40 days. The retrograde offers us an opportunity to look within and study how we create and manifest. Most of us will pull our energy away from looking for love or intimacy outside ourselves. Definitely not a romantic period. I happened to be born just at the end of a Venus retrograde period and have a granddaughter born closer to the beginning of one. This encourages a quality of inwardness and devotion to beauty and art. It's a good time for all of us to look for shadows of the Heart that might diminish our inner gifts of spontaneity, intuitiveness and playfulness.

Coming up this Sunday we'll feel the drama of a New Moon in Gemini (0 degrees) that is also an eclipse (Annular Eclipse--there will be a rim of the Sun's light around the edge). There is a relationship between this conjunction and the Pleiades. This can open the door for more of the  liberation activity we've seen last year in both the "Arab spring" and the "Occupy" movement. This could be accompanied by breakthroughs in science and communications that will change the global economic and cultural order.

It just so happens that this eclipse can be seen through a swath of western states in the US, including New Mexico. Here in Taos we seem to be riding the upper edge of this band. The time for peak viewing is around 7 PM. By the way, the actual time of the New Moon conjunction (Sun/Moon) is 5:48 PM in the Mountain Time Zone. I've read online that you should wear protective glasses if you want to view the eclipse. 

How do eclipses affect us?  I'm no expert here but my understanding is that they facilitate endings that are beneficial (not necessarily random). So if there is something you are intending to bring to an end, or break a past pattern, this is a great opportunity, even more so than the usual New Moon. So this is sort of a "Super New Moon" (my characterization). The effects on us all of a particular eclipse can be long-lasting. To find the area of significance of this one for yourself you can locate the 0 degree area of your chart and consider its House placement or its relationship to your Sun sign, Moon sign or Ascendant. 

In my case it's inside my already packed 3rd House of communication and close enough to my Moon/Uranus conjunction at 26 degrees to be significant. So I will expect the influence for change to be strong in the way I express myself verbally in exchanges with others. I can often be overly direct and seemingly thoughtless, causing others to react defensively or with hurt feelings. That's an example of a trait that could benefit from a little equinox-style cure.

Gemini by itself has some good qualities that you might want to visualize increasing in your life. It's an Air sign and ruled by Mercury so it's all about the curious, flexible mind. At its worst this mental quality can become a nerve racking "monkey mind," but at it's best it just shows up like childlike curiosity and supreme flexibility. It can be a great for public speaking, figuring out computer problems or writing and talking in general. The energy of Gemini is authentically friendly and caring towards others, thus can encourage us to explore new ways of connecting. So if any of these attributes sound like what you're lacking visualize them for yourself this Sunday.

Then as we look forward into June there will be a Full Moon/partial Eclipse in Sagittarius on June 4/5 followed by the much anticipated Venus transit of the Sun June 5/6. Since at no time will the Sun be completely blocked the latter is called an Occultation Eclipse. It will naturally affect most strongly those with the Sun, Moon or Ascendant in signs ruled by Venus--Libra and Taurus. Many are seeing this as an opening into an age of empowerment for the Divine Feminine. This allows all of us, men and women alike, to open further to this energy that supports truth, oneness and equality. 

There is much being shared online these days about Venus as it relates to Earth. I particularly like the concept that Venus is the "Twin Flame" of Earth and that the ascended beings on Venus are supporting our own ascension process.

And this blog would not be complete without mention that Pluto and Uranus are going to continue to stir up radical change with the square aspect between them coming and going in exactness for this year and the next. As I've mentioned in previous blogs this energy is similar to the revolutionary spirit of the 1960s. So that is our back beat for awhile longer.

A group of us here in Taos have hatched a plan to have an "eclipse party" this Sunday at OptiMysm. It starts at 5 PM and we encourage people to show up with a finger food contribution. There will be a donation bowl for the store but otherwise the event is free. Around 6 PM Nyna will start things off ceremonially and then I will speak (briefly I hope) about the astrology of the eclipse. Lex Lightning, Matthew Ryan and Mieshiel will then offer a sound healing session with various singing bowls (some crystal) and improvised singing. At some point Matthew will channel a message for the group. I think this will be OptiMysm's first Eclipse Party. Taos peeps, we hope you will join us!

Yes, the collage at the top of the page was created for this blog. It felt right for all I hoped to say. Since Kuan Yin is the Mother Goddess of compassionate LOVE, it seemed right for this strongly Venus-influenced period.


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