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Friday, April 20, 2012

April's New Moon in Taurus - 4-21-12

On Saturday, April 21, the Sun and Moon find conjunction at the first degree of Taurus, a feminine Earth sign ruled by Venus. This is the second sign of the cyclical year, coming after Aries, our energetic leader into the season of Spring. While Aries carries the inspiration and spontaneity of Fire, Taurus offers a more grounded, sensory energy field. 

Here in Taurus we can begin to build a more solid foundation for the new projects we have only dreamed and desired in Aries. A theme of Taurus and the 2nd House it rules is "personal values." This is a good time to review and clarify what it is we are envisioning while checking in with our value system to determine the two are aligned. Values are always being tested by real-life experience and thus are subject to revision and update. 

Another Taurus theme that's good to review at this New Moon time of setting new intentions is "self esteem." We all know that if we don't believe we deserve something desired we will have trouble manifesting it. What if the source of low self-esteem is an old habit of judging ourselves negatively? This could be addressed by watching for times when we can catch ourselves in the act. At this point we can acknowledge our pattern and also apply some compassion. 

Taurus cares about manifesting the resources she needs to have an abundant and satisfying life with space and time to spare for love and beauty. She is not afraid of hard work when it will give her what she feels she rightly needs and can envision. Attuned to nature, its needs and its beauty and its nurturing spirit, Taurus love to work alongside it in the garden when that is possible. This is the time of year when nature can use some help getting seeds for food, herbs and flowers planted and seedlings tended well until they are more able to fend for themselves.

The Sun and Moon in Taurus create a Grand Trine in Earth signs for several days that includes Pluto and Mars. This looks like very strong energy to get intentions moving that can be visualized and named on Saturday. This is the same Mars that was retrograde for some time. Starting on April 13 it went direct. This allows for a better flow of energy moving forward. It's sign, Virgo, however, insists on right action and no excess in our projects.

In my collage for this New Moon I tried to show a sense of movement forward, through a newly envisioned gate toward something substantial, while at the same time a personal dream--a mirror of our very personal value system. The waxing moon in the sky is a symbol of the manifestation of our desire which comes around the time of the Full Moon, while the labyrinth symbolizes faith and the patience to work toward our goals. The stone structure is an image from Chaco Canyon.

May the spirit of Oneness continue to penetrate and fill all our hearts.

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