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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Equinox/March New Moon 2012

Depending on your time zone this year's Spring Equinox took place around the mid-night hour on either the 19th or the 20th of March. Where I live, in Taos, NM, we were in the 19th group, as was the Pacific Time Zone to our west.

So as I type this blog the Sun has entered Aries thus beginning a new yearly cycle. If you are even roughly familiar with astrology's patterns you know that Aries (ruled by the masculine planet Mars, symbolized by the ram) is the first sign of the zodiac wheel and likewise rules the first house. It's also worthy of note that Aries is one of three Fire signs.

Much could be said about Aries energy but its most notable features are its forward thrusting tendencies, its self-interested, spontaneous and active modes of being. Aries best communicates with its deeds and likes using action to solve problems, not discussion.

And so this sharp turn from the Pisces energy we've felt this past month to Aries is going to be noticeable. We not only turn from reflective Water to active Fire, but from Winter to Spring. And so the metaphorical seeds we gathered in the Fall and protected through Winter's time of introspection and self nurturing are ready for planting. Now is the time of maximum thrust toward creating new and renewed life.

In my collage for this equinox I tried to convey this transition from the inner to the outer, the reflective to the expressive. The female figure is a Chinese Buddhist saint painted on the walls of a cave found in Dazu. For me she symbolizes that seed of soul-connection we located at our deepest core during the solitude and introspection of winter. From behind her the radiant lines speak of her ability to now shine outwardly from that firmer core of self-realization. And obviously the butterfly symbolizes the new birthing that will be taking place on all levels and in all forms of life on planet Earth. The image could also express the much anticipated and longed-for changes taking place on our planet at this time. It is both a prayer and a celebration.

The New Moon will follow this Thursday, March 22, in the morning hours (8:38 AM MDT). Both the chart for the equinox and this New Moon are similar. There is a Grand Trine in Earth signs among Mars in Virgo, Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn. So in spite of the restless energy now unleashed by the Sun in Aries we are anchored by this pattern in earth signs. It balances and enriches Mars with the deeper insights of Scorpio and the wise perspective of Jupiter.

Uranus is conjunct the Sun now and this adds even more individuality to its expression. This carries a feeling of wanting to break out of any pattern of being held back by situations or others who are requiring/asking/expecting us to act in ways that do not flow with what we know to be our truth. So don't be surprised if there are rebellious thoughts and feelings arising now. And with Aries in charge we are more likely now to act than before.

In the larger circle of the yearly cycle this day is considered the beginning, not January 1st, like we celebrate around the present day world (as seen on TV). With that in mind it would be appropriate to make one's New Moon intentions in the spirit of "New Year" resolutions. Think of this New Moon like the "big daddy" of all New Moons.

Take the clarity gained from winter's reflections and identify what you most yearn to see blossom in your Soul. Name that self-truth that only you know. Perhaps you realize that at the core you have not forgiven yourself for choices that turned out to reveal your weaknesses rather than supporting your strengths. Now is the most ideal time to allow yourself to start fresh, to release the past. Now it's time to be all you can be moving forward, all you came to contribute, to share with others.

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