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Friday, April 1, 2011

New Moon in Aries - April 3, 2011

The title of this New Moon collage is "Eye of the Hurricane." I created it over a year ago, in November of 2009. The printer I normally use to resize images for my collages went kaput and the replacement is on its way. I don't feel too bad, well a little, about using this image instead of a new one, as it may speak more to the point of this important New Moon than anything I could have made.

In short, there is a LOT of energy flying around, it's fast and it's intense, like a hurricane. Many factors in the chart for this New Moon contribute to this intensity. First we find, count 'em, six planets in Aries, including, of course, the Sun and Moon conjunct, which makes for an Aries New Moon situation. That in itself would deserve a look at Aries themes and issues and for those of you who know your charts, you might want to note which house this conjunction falls in (at 13 degrees 30"). But to have six planets lined up, two on each side of the Sun/Moon conjunction, well that's a lot of Aries.

Aries introduces energy that is fiery, intuitive, quick on the draw, eager to follow the hunch with action, to lead (not follow). If this doesn't describe you then you'll want to look for your "inner Aries." Another possibility is that people who fit this description will show up and seem to push you around, challenging you to rise up and meet them square on, and not be intimidated. It's that time to know what YOU want, what you need to thrive and it's best now to have a strong sense that you deserve it.

In the notes I took after creating this image I wrote: "I speak for the instant of stillness that can open from the Center of Self at any time, even in the midst of chaos, sudden storms or bad news. I speak for the open way to this Heart of Self, the Heart Chakra, and accepting responsibility for keeping it vital, open to the heart's true desires."

In most astrology books the planet Mars, which rules Aries, is responsible for the desire nature and this is often considered a troubling aspect of oneself. Certainly a chart with what is called an afflicted Mars (a Mars that is badly placed and/or aspected to other planets in ways that reflect negativity) will be a challenge for oneself and others. The quickness of Mars to react can turn into carelessness for the effect of actions on others, the self-confidence of the leader can become bossiness and lack empathy. In the New Moon chart Pluto is squaring the Sun/Moon conjunction adding power and security needs to the mix. I'll just say this turns up the heat.

Saturn in Libra (whose business is relationships) is in opposition to the Sun/Moon and this highlights any unresolved relationship issues lingering now. If this is a major topic in your situation I would suggest using this theme for setting your New Moon intentions. This is the time to come from the clarity found in the "Center of Self" and speak from that place when formulating your relationship intentions.

One more note: Uranus is exactly conjunct Mars in this chart. This symbolizes unbridled self-expression, a strong tendency to act or react, even with unusual forcefulness. My advice would be to be careful what you wish for now. Manifestation could be quick and strong.

All the Aries planets are within the boundaries of my chart's 2nd House, the place of values, resources, security and, yes, money. Since moving from Idaho to Taos, about a year ago now, I have been plagued with recurring spirals of fear regarding my ability to manifest a secure and abundant life here in my chosen new home. It is my challenge, my puzzle to work out, both the nuts and bolts of creating income and, more importantly, finding the right alignment of self-love that allows life to meet me "there." So my intentions will revolve around this theme and I plan to include the possibility of support coming from mutually nurturing relationships with others.

I hope this will prove helpful to some of you. The Aries dominance of the planetary waves continues into our next New Moon in Taurus. In that chart there are 5 planets in Aries, without the Sun and Moon. By June the energy will have shifted around significantly, so go with this fast-moving current while it runs. Don't fight it, don't cling to the illusion of safety on the shores, let it take you to new places. None of us will be the same when we reach calmer waters.

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