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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Taurus New Moon--The Enduring Feminine

This Taurus New Moon will occur either the 2nd or the 3rd of May depending on your location, but either way the exact time will happen while most of us are sleeping, either side of midnight. My Taos chart for the New Moon shows the time as 51 minutes into May 3rd, so I will make that my day of intention. If you are in PDT you can choose the 2nd. The degree of Taurus is 13 for those keeping track.

We still have five (count 'em) planets in Aries with Saturn in its own Cardinal sign of Libra opposing two of the five Aries planets, Venus and Mercury. Also Saturn is closely quincunx the Moon/Sun conjunction. I only mention this Saturn influence because the conservative energy of Saturn is naturally opposite that of impulsive Mars, the ruler of those five Aries planets. And then even the Taurus New Moon gets a little slap from Saturn. The quincunx aspect is fairly disharmonious (irritating). And so while I could go on about the joys and advantages of Taurus energy I'd be remiss not to point out that this New Moon is going to feel like something less than a full-on celebration but then we've seen worse too.

By the way this New Moon chart is close to that of the royal wedding. I wonder who's idea it was to get married with Venus opposite Saturn? Oops!

But let's talk about Taurus energy. The Moon is exalted in Taurus, which means that they are very happily joined. The earthiness of Taurus grounds the changeableness of the Moon and the emotional side of the Moon enjoys the chance to feel things without getting all lost. And, of course the feminine energy of Venus, the ruler of Taurus, is very cozy with the Moon. And so from this more grounded zone of Taurus hopefully we can calmly deal with the irks presented by Saturn's presence.

Money and relationships could be trigger issues now since Saturn in Libra likes to poke at our relationships and Taurus/Venus always has one eye on the abundance meter. If there are issues here Saturn will "encourage" us to face facts and take responsibility for our part, or speak our truth if we have been "playing nice."

As ruler of the 2nd House Taurus is all about knowing and living our true values/our heart's desires. Are we clear about what we most value? Do we truly value our selves, as in self-esteem? This is a Taurus issue. What is truly worth our time or attention? I hope I have given you some helpful suggestions for considering your New Moon intentions.

For my Soul Speak collage honoring this Taurus New Moon I chose to go with the grounded and earthy aspect of the energy. I named this card the "Enduring Feminine." Often Taurus Sun, Moon or Rising Sign people are considered stubborn. This quality arises from the combination of the Earth element with the Fixed Mode. But endurance is another characteristic that can arise from this combination. There can be an ability to quietly dig-in, to go inward and ignore pressure from outside that does not feel aligned with one's True Self. Patience can be part of this too. Because of the rulership of Venus the Taurus energy wants harmony along with its stability and comfort. But don't be fooled, the Taurus is biding her time, visualizing the manifestation of her desires, waiting for her opportunity. There can be much power in this approach.

Behind the female statue (AD 600-750, Teoithuacan, MX) is an ear of white corn, symbolizing a secure and plentiful existence. The right side shows the Rio Grande gorge, the old enduring mother-river, also a symbol of life energy. At the bottom I chose a lizard (member of the reptile family) to represent ancient animals and their ability to endure over aeons of time. Imagine the stories they have to share? I admit this was a strangely personal response to our Taurus New Moon. I have been feeling the intensity of time speeding up lately, as most of you have, and my reaction is perhaps to slow down my sense of time, to get in touch with the ancient grandmothers, to ask for, and be open to, their wisdom now.

And yes, my birth Moon is in Taurus.

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