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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Neptune Moment Please

The chart for the upcoming New Moon, Friday, March 4, 1:46 PM (MST), has five planets in Pisces, plus Chiron, an asteroid. Wherever this concentration of Neptunian energy lands in your natal chart you will want to zero in to the business of that house or planets conjunt it and arrange your New Moon intentions accordingly.

For those of us with a natural attunement to Neptune, by way of personal planets in Pisces and/or significant aspects from personal planets to Neptune, this may feel like a warm breeze of heart-full connection and/or a heart-warming confirmation of spiritual truths long held dear. For all of us this can be a time of making peace, taking a deep in-breath of awareness of how everything can fit together in mysterious perfection. In the out-breath we can pause and take a mental/emotional snap-shot of this "knowing" before heading back into the fray.

I am definitely in the "attuned to Neptune" group--Pisces Sun with Neptune trine both my Venus and Mars, and Mercury and Venus in the 12th. I pretty much attribute my strong artful leanings to Neptune's influence. Another quality I associate with Neptune is a conviction that goes back as far as I can remember that the 3D reality did not tell the whole story. I was a believer in all things non-physical: angels, Catholic saints and Santa Claus for a start.

Once I reached a point where I could no longer sustain belief in the Catholic version of reality I easily and quickly replaced it with New Age concepts based on reading Theosophical Society literature, Rudolph Steiner and Gurdjieff. I was attracted to the Eastern philosophies like Zen and Tao. I began doing I Ching readings. My old journals are full of them. I moved freely among these various interpretations of where we humans stood in some larger picture of reality and purpose. I was not quick to ascribe to one or the other. I took up astrology in this period and it stayed with me more than any other system.

I think of astrology as a link for humans to the non-physical realm. It charts and interprets the movements of planets in relationship to our earth home with precision and consistent rules, and yet there is no proof that such relationships are meaningful to us. I only know astrology "works" because it seems so when I work with clients. For me it seems the most unbiased way to describe our situation that I have seen. But it's always in my mind somewhere that I can't prove it and that some people will always scoff at its validity.

When I assigned myself the task of representing Neptune energy in my Soul Speak collage for this New Moon I was skeptical I could find a way to do it justice. Perhaps this is only the first of many tries? I wanted to show Neptune's realm in both its dark and its light aspects. On the dark side there is always both the collective and the personal unconscious awaiting opportunity to surface with material that can be strange and even scary, as well as magical and beautiful. A good imagination is a Neptune quality and I see "having imagination" as the ability to capture these leaks from the unconscious and use them somehow in personal myth or poetry or art. They are not just images but often have a strong emotional content. They are more like movies than thoughts. At it's highest manifestation Neptune can accompany us all the way to knowing we are not who we think we are. This dissolving of self-image can uncover a deeper truth of self, often called enlightenment.

In a perfect world we manage to straddle the world of 3D with that of Neptune-- left brain/right brain, or the physical and the non-physical. Our Soul Self comes alive here where and when the two opposites can integrate and operate as one, even for a moment.

I've looked ahead past this New Moon to the next one April 3rd and there couldn't be more contrast of mood. I mention this so you can appreciate the flavor of this one and use it well to prepare for what's coming--a chart with the same number of planets all in Aries, the King of Springing Forward. It will be like a horse race and it will be world-wide and it will be valuable to remember who you are in all the excitement of action and self-expression. This New Moon is a kind of last chance to know in your bones what you truly value and to tidy up any loose ends, to breathe deeply and allow the stillness to nurture your core.

Be the Peace.

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