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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February New Moon - February 2, 2011

With the Sun in Aquarius now we find our New Moon also in that sign. The chart for this New Moon shows five planets in Aquarius, including Chiron. Mars is conjunct the Moon/Sun conjunction so that heightens the intensity of Aquarian energy of this important day in the moon's cycle.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. I think of this planet as the Universal Mind, or Cosmic Mind, or even the delivery system for superconscious information. If you are tuned to Uranus naturally you are used to picking up ideas out of the air from this source and you think nothing of it. There is an sense of these "downloads" being truth and if you were to ask a Uranian type how they know this they will tell you they just do. You'll have a hard time talking them out of what they know they know in this way.

Generally Aquarian types (who have prominent placements of planets in Aquarius or many aspects to Uranus) consider themselves authorities in what they claim to know, be it astrology or some other branch of unprovable science. They quietly trust their knowing and their thought process includes the big picture for humanity. They are often interested in social justice and are concerned about issues that affect the health of the planet and the well-being of humans in general. They can seem lacking in emotion or empathy in the personal equation and admittedly this is not their strong suit. Often individuals of this ilk are highly intelligent, have inventive minds and like to see things improving or progressing. They can have an uncanny ability to synthesize information from varied sources into a new whole that expands previous assumptions. They're comfortable keeping up with the latest technology in communication.

The collage above I call "The Star" and it tries to embody the energy of Uranus. The star would represent this cosmic mind source. The circle of women mirror their sense of sisterhood/brotherhood and the shell their concern for the earth and its cyclical nature. The solitary woman appears aloof and peaceful in her own skin, her own knowing. I created this collage for the Aquarian New Moon a year ago.

Both Neptune and Chiron are also in Aquarius and have been for some time. They will both be moving into Pisces soon, and this will introduce a different energy, especially for Neptune which will come into its own sign. The combination in any case promotes the discovery and dissolution of emotional blocks to spiritual enfoldment.

So with everything I've spoken about Aquarius you can pick and choose any thread that resonates for you, helping you make intention for yourself on the New Moon this Wednesday. Another way to approach this would be to look at your chart, if you have one, and see where this string of Aquarian planets shows up. In which house? The degrees are from 13 to 29. For me these degrees in Aquarius fall neatly in my 12th House with Chiron & Neptune conjunct my 29 Aquarius Ascendant. Likely I will be intending these planets to continue to show me the way in my desire to free myself from any past wounds that block me now. I will ask to be shown where I am blocked and try to address the accompanying issues. It feels like I've been working on this for the past year, but I know there is still more work to do and these planets are well placed to help me.

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