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Monday, January 3, 2011

January New Moon

Now after we have found ways to honor the new year, just a couple of days ago, here comes our first New Moon, Tuesday 01-04-11. As those of you know who regularly read this blog, each New Moon is a day in the moon's cycle that offers our best opportunity to re-set the button of personal intentions and priorities.

There is a partial eclipse that comes with this conjunction of the Capricorn Sun and Moon, and this is coming after our lunar eclipse at the time of the Winter Solstice and Full Moon, back a few days before Christmas. Eclipse energy offers the gift of helping us move forward by cutting off our tendency to repeat what we've done in the past. It's a curtain closer. So that supports our desire to visualize and invoke a new and improved direction at this time.

One way I've honored this new year time is with a vision board. I try to make mine at least 12X12." Even larger is better. It's done with collage and it's good not to over-plan it, but let your inner emotional body do the choosing of what will appear from the materials you have on hand. A year ago at this time I had decided to move to Taos in the spring so my vision board was all about that, a reflection of my hopes and desires. As I look at it now I can see how every wish was fulfilled, one way or another. For instance I have chickens in my garden in the collage. Here there are chickens next door and I can hear them crowing or clucking. I love that, even though they are not MY chickens. I did have a great garden, even though it was a lot of work initially. My desire for it was strong though.

I'm hoping by now some of you are checking out the collage for this New Moon and wondering what on earth it might have to do with the energy of Capricorn. Good point. The answer is "very little." I know this seems odd but I just had to go with the inspiration this time.

Here's what happened: I printed the chart for the New Moon and I noticed that Venus was in Scorpio (passionate, sexy) and was trine the inspirational Jupiter/Uranus (in Pisces) conjunction we've been seeing off and on for some time now. I have been stimulated and encouraged by this conjunction throughout this "moving to Taos" time. Have I said I'm a Pisces? It's paid to have Jupiter in Pisces this past year. Lately this conjunction has been in a sextile (harmonious) aspect to my Moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus. Having a Moon conjunct Uranus in your natal chart makes for a lot of excitable, changeable, nervous energy. I've learned to live with it and to relish its gifts of insight and inspiration. So here was this lovely triangle involving my Moon/Uranus, the present Venus in Scorpio and the Jupiter/Uranus. It called me, or rather my attention, and emotionally refreshed the issue of my longing for a suitable partner for intimacy. I think I've mentioned this before. Anyway, there you have her, the Passionate Woman--Venus in Scorpio.

But really this New Moon is all about Capricorn. There is a line of four planets in Capricorn, all more or less conjunct, Mars, Sun, Moon and Pluto. It might be good to know the house where this parade is located on your natal chart. In my chart it's the 11th, the house of friends, hopes and wishes. This points me toward realizing that it can take friends to get your goals accomplished.

Oh, and by the way, there is a square from Saturn directed to this New Moon's Capricorn grouping. Saturn is the planet that rules Capricorn. So, let's just say the Capricorn energy is STRONG. This gives all of us a chance to really get our ducks lined up. My intentions for the year revolve around "right livelihood" so this will be perfect energy to support me being practical, focused, desirous of making money and willing to do the work. Not sure when I'll have time for that "passionate relationship."

One thing Saturn energy is good for is making tough decisions. If you get clear on an intention that involves changing your ways this could bring up circumstances of having to give something (or someone) up or take a frightening risk. Saturn can help with resolve in these matters as it shows us when and how to put ourselves, our own growth interests, first.

Saturn will help you tidy up your world now, to finish projects that need completion. It's ideal to start the new year with a clean plate, of course. As you begin to hum along in the glow of your new intentions pay attention to how you seem to be connecting to the world around you. Are you noticing that there are lots of little (and big) synchronous events happening? This is a sign that you are maintaining connection to your inner flow. It naturally connects to all life around you, attracting what you desire and need. It's good to prime this pump by consciously calling-in this connectedness between yourself and life (visible and invisible), visualizing yourself as part of the web of life, not separate.

May 2011 be a year of centering and grounding from a deeper, truer place, where we trust our feelings and intuitions. May we each take charge of our knowing what is real and true and base our actions in the world on what we judge worthy of our energy and support.

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