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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October New Moon in Libra

As the signs of the zodiac roll around their yearly cycle, beginning with Aries in late March, we see a progression from six signs (and their houses) concerned with the personal, individual self, to the other six, focused on interacting with and contributing to the so-called "outer world." We are now at that juncture, now that the Sun is passing through the sign, Libra.

Our New Moon then is also in Libra, since the New Moon is a particular snapshot of time when the Sun and the Moon are in the same degree (15) of the same sign. Twelve times a year we get the opportunity to pause here and consider our direction. Intentions set will have an opening, a magical pause, a kind of dark void in which intentions dropped in are like a seed planted at the most auspicious time for successful growth.

To consider our direction for intentions we look at the sign of the New Moon, in this case Libra. We look at the astrology chart of the New Moon (12:44 PM MDT/Oct. 8), one that reflects the conjunction of the Sun and Moon, and we take some hints from its prominent features. Putting this all together we get a kind of story line, an ambiance, a flavor unique to this particular New Moon and then we apply this to our own life, our concerns, our dilemmas.

So here is what I have put together for us. Libra is all about relating and finding ways to make this a good experience for both parties. But there's the dark side to Libra where he betrays himself trying to please everyone or trying to keep things harmonious when he should speak his truth and consider "should I stay or should I go?" options. There's the symbolic importance of entering the "other half" of the zodiac, the signs focused on society and relationship, the "not self." Any issues around that in general? Yes, I'm talking to those lone wolves out there. One suggestion for them is to consider ways of making a conscious, tangible contribution somehow to the community, however they want to define that.

Saturn has settled into Libra now and will stay there for the next 2 - 2 1/2 years. This puts a serious face on the whole relationship topic for the duration and colors the "mood" of our New Moon as well. Saturn likes structure and will be hoping to teach us to add more of that ingredient to the way we do relationships, such as how do we arrange our relationships (structure them) so that they are balanced, fair and achieve harmony? First we must find out how to achieve those things within ourselves and then extend them out into our relationships and the community. Perhaps we need to work on our personal integrity (walk our talk) or treating others as true equals. And what about a society that is more concerned with integrity and equality? Oh we'll get to that once we have our own house in order.

In any case with Saturn in Libra these kinds of issues will come to the surface, but it's not a time for extremes or quick solutions. It's an opportunity to make thoughtful and well-grounded changes. Venus goes retrograde the day after the Full Moon and is in the sexy and passionate sign Scorpio. With the retrograde, which will last a while, we will all be turning a bit inward to delve into deeper waters within ourselves regarding our relating patterns, both intimate ones and social ones. The goal of all this is finding our healthy BALANCE, not too much me and not too much them, but just right. Three Bears huh?

For a Soul Speak Card I chose one I did around this time last year. She looks poised and balanced. The way she is holding up her hands is like the two sides of a scale. Another Libra symbol. Looking for the balance...

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