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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall Equinox & Full Moon Join Up

No, it's not Day of the Dead yet. The Fall season is just gearing up. September 22 is the day of the Fall Equinox and along with that marker of seasons, the Sun goes into Libra. And what does Libra rule, more than any other sign? Ah marriage, mostly referred to when thinking of Libra's rulership of the house of marriage.

With the Sun in Libra, six hours later, the Moon catches up and moves into Aries, signaling a Full Moon, in this case, the Harvest Moon of the solar year. Oh and I noticed online that Jupiter will be near the Full Moon and highly visible. Lot's going on here.

First, the collage, it speaks to the aspect of marriage rarely discussed--the way its challenges help satisfy our Soul's desire to grow and change. The man and woman in the card are symbols of the Soul aspect of each individual. The Soul has many lives, many loves, many marriages, and is always trying to get it right, or at least learn something in the attempt. I believe we often return to the same person (Soul) for attempting a marriage. But the bottom line is Soul growth. When a particular person, or the partnership with that person, no longer offers us the opportunity we seek for growth, we move on. From the Soul's perspective this is proper.

The background in the card is dynamic, electric, a kind of abstract map of the energy fields of the two partners held in the context of a larger field of energy moving in and beyond them. This is pretty much the contrary of how we picture a marriage, a static, secure field that nurtures us and gives us a safe container. And why, you ask, am I insisting on parading out this dark and dangerous side of marriage? Because in both the Fall Equinox and the Full Moon charts the Sun in Libra is conjunct Saturn. So, yes, the topic, the Sun, is Libra, the venue is marriage (or the equivalent these days--partnership) and the challenger of all that is sacred here is Saturn. That's pretty much his job.

Last spring on the Equinox we gathered and set our New Year's intentions and I blogged to remind you. It could be good to go back and see if we took notes then. Since that was the astrological equivalent to the beginning of the year it is also like the New Moon of the year. Well now is the Full Moon of that same cycle, the halfway point of it. And since Full Moons signify the fulfillment of the promises we make to ourselves in the New Moon, we should be experiencing our "dreams come true" now. Something to reflect on, to evaluate for yourself...

Barbara Hand Clow has posted her take on this combination Equinox and Full Moon time and for those of you who find her thoughts valuable, or at least, always interesting, I recommend checking it out. Both charts have a T-Square still pointed at Pluto, the destroyer and transformer, in Capricorn, Saturn's sign, pointing its arrow at situations and people attracted to power-over, authority, the "rules," control and such. If that defines you then you have been sweating it out for a time now. It may feel like your life is slipping out of control. If you are in a situation that resonates to this you are probably thinking about making some changes, and soon. If your now-dead father fit this description you'll be wanting to clear out his lingering energy hooks in you. You get the picture.

Here in Taos we have the opportunity to attend Visudha de los Santos' Full Moon Gong meditation at the yoga studio next to Cafe Loka on Placita. It's at 7:30 PM Thursday and costs $15. She recommends you bring whatever you need to be comfortable lying down: mat, pillow, blanket.

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