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Friday, June 11, 2010

New Moon in Gemini - June 12

This month's Gemini New Moon occurs Saturday, June 12 at 4:15 PDT. In my opinion it's more important than ever to stop and take the time to center, get still, and make an intention.

The reason? Astrologically speaking, things are heating up and moving forward quickly, and with or without your willing participation. On May 29th Uranus moved out of Pisces and into Aries and on June 8th Jupiter joined Uranus in Aries in a conjunction at 0 degrees. On the chart of the New Moon they are still at that degree of conjunction.

The change from Pisces to Aries is a major shift from something watery and spiritual to something fire-full and action driven. This lovely conjunction, full of its own brand of spunk, is in close aspects to Venus, Pluto and Saturn. This would mean that it's supported by a cast of high-minded characters.

In a couple of weeks we'll be looking at a Full Moon (June 26) and it's a whopper Grand Square in the Cardinal Mode and about every planet is on board with this show of muscle. Three of the four corners of the square involve conjunction: Jupiter/Uranus, Moon/Pluto and Sun/Mercury. There are three modes in astrology: Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. Cardinal mode signs like to take charge in action-packed projects. I would interpret that as people "acting out" whatever their attitudes or agendas might be.

So for this blog I have chosen the image of a woman reclining on a couch in a lovely foreground of plants, a kind of botanical garden (thanks to Rosseau, the painter). She seems to be looking at something aligned with her left arm, with fingers pointing. If this were a dream I would say left hand/ left side of the body is associated with the right brain, as in "intuitive" vs. left brain--logical/rational. I call her "The Dreamer," and by that I mean one who manifests from the realm of desire and intention.

Behind and moving beyond her is The Dreamer's dream: two rows of trees leading toward the light, looked over by a Great Mother Goddess, who could be Mother Earth herself.

Whatever your intention, make it clear and strong and for the best for our planet, along with determination to getting-down-to-it now, whatever you know in your heart requires your full commitment to action.

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