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Friday, June 25, 2010

The Full Moon in Capricorn - June 26, 2010

If you go on the internet and read what astrologers are saying about this Saturday's Full Moon, you will be inclined to stay at home. And maybe not bad advice. This way of using astrology to predict how we will all be feeling is not my forte. I'm better at reading natal charts. I must say though that I'm fascinated by the chart for this Full Moon!

You may have heard there is now a Grand Cross in the Cardinal mode (action) up skyward. In the chart for Saturday the Cross involves all the planets except three, Venus, Neptune and Mars. Both Mars and Neptune are in a trine aspect to corners of the Cross, so are still players. Not since 1999 have we seen such a loaded Grand Cross.

They are built on the so-called difficult aspects in astrology--squares and oppositions--forming a box with lines opposing from the corners, forming a cross. A person born with this pattern is told it's a make-or-break lifetime. It could be great for focus on high achievements in service to humanity or the tension of it all could break you, resulting in destructive (self or outer) patterns. In any case the person will be intense, and likely a little difficult for the rest of us to know how to handle.

I've talked about the Saturn vs. Uranus opposition we've been living with for awhile. I think this Grand Cross just supports it and pushes its meaning to the breaking point. Guess I better review how I see it. Saturn represents security, authority, the attempt to maintain control of everything that seems to be our "consensus reality" built on the past. "That's how it was so that's how it is" kind of thinking. Uranus is having none of that. He's the myth buster, the rabble rouser, the iconoclast of the zodiac and he has tricks up his sleeve, such as sudden calamity, weather type events, accidents (oil spill?--oops!), (and maybe a little volcano or an earthquake or two?). You are probably getting the picture. Heads (Saturn) will roll...

So picture this opposition now supported on either side by squarely aspected planets, the Sun in Cancer (and conjunct Mercury in Cancer) and the Moon opposite that (always at the Full Moon, opposite) conjunct Pluto (you can't make this stuff up). I would never describe a Cancer Sun as level-headed or a Mercury in Cancer objective and able to see the big picture. No, Cancer is ruled by the Moon and would not be having any of that. Emotion and the unconscious call the shots here. And not always a bad thing. Don't get me wrong.

Meanwhile the Moon is in Capricorn, an inharmonious combination in itself that doesn't let the Moon go about her usual business. She becomes unsure of herself, out of her element, so to speak, shy and reclusive. But then we consider the Pluto conjunction and that takes her to her depths. This is where our shadow personality is shoved out of site, normally. Not now. We are our own bogeyman now. Of course, there's always the opportunity to fail to see this truth and project (like eject) all that unwanted material onto someone or something else.

In my recent searches of favorite astrology sites I found two that I would recommend for further ideas on this topic: Barbara Hand Clow's AstroFlash and Mark Borax Cosmic Weather. Google will find those for you. Mark goes so far as to say "This will initiate a time like the 60s. Your part is to believe the future can be better than the past." He also mentions this is the year of the Tiger and that will mean that people are going to start to ask questions. His bottom line advice: "Give your brightest future the chance to happen."

My process was to make a new Soul Speak card (Her Surrender) and journal about it and do a three card spread Tarot reading. Both of those came up with, for me, instruction to use this opening to remain open to experiencing my own inner psychological barriers, to feel whatever comes up these next several days and own it as my own stuff. I journaled the "Her Surrender" card: "I see this time as an opportunity to eliminate our barriers to Oneness with the Divine nature inside ourselves. This will likely involve the surrender of ideas of who we are, our attachments to old ways of being--it's a great opening for this kind of work. I invite my spirit helpers, guides and angels to speak to me now. I renew my intention to be receptive."

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