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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Sleeping Gypsy is the name of a painting by Rousseau. For my collage I took only the woman and placed behind her a Georgia O'Keefe background of New Mexico mountains. Standing in place of the lion, famous in the original painting, is my Green Deer, personal sprit helper from the animal kingdom.

The time is early evening, the full moon is rising in the eastern sky and our tired gypsy is sleeping peacefully on the earth's "ground" with her walking stick and her guitar--her personal tool of co-creative expression.

The card celebrates the trusting connection possible between humans and the natural world and symbolizes the coming New Moon at 24 degrees Taurus (7:04 PM MDT). Taurus and the Moon make a delicious combination as the earthy groundedness of Taurus dials down the changeable nature of the Moon. Since Taurus is ruled by Venus, and Venus and the Moon are the two most purely feminine of the planets, the table is set for sensuality and connection to the Divine Feminine. And not to forget that the Sun is still in Taurus as well.

I can picture an outdoor ceremony of intention for the coming Moon cycle, perhaps seated on the "ground" in honor of the Mother. And to start the ceremony I picture first an expression of gratitude to our living planet, Gaia, for our very life, and for our own choice to be here on the planet now. As for intentions I'd suggest something related to commitment to our core values, to doing what we love, for making time to smell the roses, to practices of self-love. It's a good time to look at how we are spending our time, energy and money and do a gut check to see if we're happy with our choices or we see a need to re-direct our focus.

A big theme of Taurus is emotional security and this can lead to a search for a deeper source than money and material things or the comfort of a partner or a reliable way to earn a living. Or the issue may be the way we relate to these "comforts?"

I see myself in the card since I'm past the adrenalin rush of moving and the excitement and newness of my new home here in Taos. Yes, I'm here but now I'm tired and still a little achey from the exertion of it all.

Today I planted (scattered seeds randomly and then covered them with a layer of compost) flowers around the front side of the house (street side). It may be a bit early for a couple of varieties, but surely there will be some good results. I always associate the New Moon with planting seeds and so that works. Certainly each seed is a hope-filled wish for beauty and harmony in and around my new home.

I have been reading The Spell of the Sensuous by David Abram. I've seen the beautiful cover before but for some reason passed it up. Now that I'm living without TV I've more time for reading things that are interesting, but not exactly brainless entertainment. I find the premise of his book, that the non-human, or as he puts it the More-Than-Human world, is alive with possibilities for communing and communication and pleasure. I have recently become more aware of my own wish to "engage" more deeply with this level of living beings all around us and chose Taos as a place to live on the premise that if I put myself where I want to be this opening will flow with ease.

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