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The collage art I use for each New Moon blog is chosen from my Soul Speak Oracle Cards.
This is a 44 card divination deck and booklet that can be purchased via my website. (see link in right column).

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Named Castle in the Sand, this latest Soul Speak card talks about our human tendency to imagine a better world, and to work to build, to create, or desire things or want to be special, to be loved. I see all these things symbolized by the "castle."

And yet beyond it is the ocean and the rising tide that we know will ultimately take the castle down to it's original formless unity with all the sand from which it came. And the point of all this? Well, I'm not sure but more than ever I feel closer to knowing that the form and the formless have one thing in common--a sharing of consciousness, of the larger life that somehow we have stumbled into by grace or luck.

And thus the inevitable tragedy of impermanence is one of the conditions of the game of life, the agreement that we made upon entrance to the stage. Who has not loved and lost? who has not made secure and watched the train wreck? who has not felt abandoned, lost, confused about who they are? All part of the Castle in the Sand syndrome.

In some wilder truth that we know in our deepest heart-of-hearts we are the castle, the sand and the ocean, even the beauty of the sunset. We are all of that and so even when all seems lost, there we are. Still in life, still in the game, and connected to the larger community of life. And in this description of reality even form is not a requirement. There's the consensus 3D perception of things and then there's more beyond that. Bigness.

All these feelings and thoughts swirl around in and through me these days as I pack up and prepare for my move to Taos this weekend. With the known world at my back and the beckoning dream calling me onward I prepare to navigate the wide space between. Will I become that road?

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